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Creating a Branded Culture

25 Oct 2013, Posted by Leah Barnard in Latest News

Every company’s unique culture, values, work practices and processes are what transform visions and ideas into reality. And the space in which a company resides is integral to fostering a creative and dynamic culture, and in turn, to attracting talented and committed employees to drive…

Introducing Know More

06 Aug 2013, Posted by admin in Latest News

We know… We know that staff satisfaction and engagement are directly linked to productivity and we know that staff members consider their workspace design as an incredibly important factor in enabling them to work productively. The workplace also has a huge impact on staff satisfaction….

Instant Office with Giant Leap & Fintech

06 Aug 2013, Posted by admin in Latest News

It all adds up to working in the space you want far sooner than you think! Do you think that working in the space you really need, with the kind of furniture you really want is way out of reach because of cash constraints? Think…

Integrating Culture Into Office Design

05 Aug 2013, Posted by admin in Latest News

Today, work takes place across countries, cities and cultures. Work is no longer boundaried. And it never stops. Somewhere in the world, someone is always at work. Global companies are therefore faced with the critical question as to whether culture should be incorporated into the…

Plan Your Office To Attract The Best

05 Aug 2013, Posted by admin in Latest News

In today’s cutthroat and highly competitive corporate environment, workspaces need to be carefully planned in order to attract, retain and engage top talent. in facet,given the emphasis that younger workers place on their environment – a company’s success is in large part now determined by…

Attracting Gen Y To The Workplace

05 Aug 2013, Posted by admin in Latest News

Young, demanding and often precocious, it is not easy to attract Generation Y workers (those born between 1979 and 1997) to the office. Yet for many companies, it is imperative to their growth and future success. Given the tough economic environment, the majority of businesses…

The Team vs The ‘I’

05 Aug 2013, Posted by admin in Latest News

Business is increasingly fast-paced and the modern workplace is constantly in a state of flux. The debate is on as to whether the team has replaced the “I” in working environments. Are most task projects now completed as a team or as a lone ranger?…