Times are changing. The business world has shifted and understandably, companies are very nervous to embrace change amidst such uncertainty. Giant Leap, specialists in workspace design, are tailoring their services and solutions to help clients negotiate this uncertainty.

Competing comes with a cost. When setting up an office – even in an industry where one is ahead of the game and the business has a competitive advantage – it comes with a price tag. Not necessarily a hefty price tag, but definitely an investment from the corporate. Office refurbishments, IT, technology and office furniture all cost money. And in a fast-paced world, strategies change on a continual basis and business leaders need to be able to seamlessly adapt these into the office space. Office space that is stagnant becomes stale. It needs to be revived every few years. Indeed, space is without a doubt a strategic asset to any firm. It has a marked impact on results, staff, technology and productivity.

Make the space work for you. With an effective and well planned office, space can often be saved and made ‘productive.’ Office rental prices are extremely high, so it makes business sense to make this space work for you – in all senses of the word. Not only does planning an office save on rental but it also attracts top talent to a company. Staff want to work in an attractive, dynamic environment. And staff turn around is another huge cost laid onto a company – so it pays to keep employees happy. One cannot deny these expenses exist – however, one can promote the function and place that a good state of the office holds.

Leasing space. With these principles in mind, Giant Leap has introduced a leasing or rental arm. Most prominent companies have cash and have great potential investments for their cash so spending money on office fit outs and furniture really hurts. They are loathe to lend money from their banks as this ties up their credit lines. Office fit out rentals and furniture rentals allow companies to have state of the art offices and still hang onto their cash in uncertain economic times.

The period of the rental/lease can be negotiated hand in hand with their lease. Often the saving in space by acquiring new furniture (which is space efficient) pays for the furniture rental. By acquiring modern furniture and furniture that suits your needs and requirements, you can often save as much as a 1/3 in office space! Saving on office square meterage also significantly reduces operating costs, rates and electricity.

In addition, Giant Leap is assisting clients who own buildings and want to get them up to speed with green requirements. This packages allows them to lease or rent new green light fittings, air conditioning systems and water pumps, etc – all without a heavy capital outlay.

As one likes to trade in a leased car or photocopy machine after a few years, why not do the same with your office space or furniture? Keep up with the times and allow your office to change with your strategy.

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