Employee Satisfaction

Workplace wellness is a concept that asks the question, how happy are your employees? Working people send more time at work then at home, so it makes sense that if their workplace is making them feel ill, undervalued and frustrated then that is how they will feel most of the time; it’s no wonder that wellness is directly linked to productivity.

At Giant Leap we focus on creating superior interiors that focus on making people feel inspired, creative and want to give of their best. Through cutting-edge designs and innovative thinking, we’ve turned offices into places of inspiration and productivity.

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Why is employee satisfaction important?

Studies on employee satisfaction have found that every time a company actively focusses on improving the experience of people, that productivity is directly affected for the better too. Every business wants to create employees that are committed to their work and doing their best. By improving workplace satisfaction of your people, you will be able to improve;

  • Productivity and output
  • Customer engagement and ultimately their satisfaction
  • Employee retention and wellness
  • Collaboration
  • Loyalty

How to increase employee satisfaction?

There are a variety of ways to improve employee wellness by partnering with an interior design form like Giant Leap. We are able to take your current space and redesign it into a place of warmth, comfort, connectivity and creativity.

Here are a few tips, when it comes to design, for ensuring better corporate wellness;

Make Your Space Accessible

Making an accessible workplace not only pertains to employees with disabilities but those without too. Accessibility means that that employees are able to do their jobs and access the entire office without barriers. From the kitchen to the café, and from the bathrooms to the boardroom, universal accessibility means that every person can get to every spot in the office with ease.

Please Stand Up

A big risk to people, especially those that work at a desk from a computer, is that they sit for long periods of time which can lead to health issues and even depression. Consider design options like standing desks or standing meeting rooms where people are encouraged to spend more time on their feet.

Consider your Colour Scheme

What colours are predominant in your office? Are they strong, emotion-inducing colours like bright reds and oranges? Or are they more calming colours like neutrals, greens and blues? Look at your office space, including colour and décor from your employee’s perspective and see what they see. Your office’s colour schemes should evoke feelings of being calm, being centred and being creative.

Wellness Spaces

When redesigning your office with employee satisfaction in mind, consider adding design options like chill rooms, quiet pods and sound-proof rooms to allow for people to take time outs when they need it or perhaps be able to do a few hours of work in an environment that is noise free.

Take a look at our portfolio to view some of the clever ideas we’ve instituted in our latest projects which were all geared toward promoting employee wellness.

Meet the Giant Leap Team

We are led by a strong, black woman owned leadership team of designers who have put people at the centre of our company. Since 2011, our team of interior architects have worked with both local and global clients to produce award-winning designs for corporate and commercial spaces that make everyone who enters feel inspired and more creative.

People are at the heart of everything we do; everything we design.

Giant Leap, welcome to a better place.