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Steps To An Environmentally Friendly Office Design

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The global directive at the moment, in almost everything we consider, is to always be sustainable. This is simply because we know now, that if we don’t look after our planet, future generations may not be able to enjoy it as we do. And even though everyone is doing their part at home, there’s a significant area of a day to day where sustainability can truly make an impact.

That area is in how we bring greener processes to the office environment.

It’s an effective way to make a difference, because in the office environment, teamwork is a natural state, and when applied to a company policy of staying green, the results can be very beneficial to both your employees and the globe.

Let’s detail some things here, that can be easily adopted by all, to better join the new way of ensuring sustainable offices.

How Can I Make My Office Environmentally Friendly?

The facets to truly sustainable offices need to fit around one very important factor – the adoption of these practices, by everyone involved. Without that buy-in, your office may always fall short of what you envision, when it comes to being green.

But it really is simple and easy. Laying the groundwork will do much to set your business and your people on a path to doing your part, for a healthier planet.

So, here are a few office sustainability practices to try, today.

Natural Light

Too much manufactured light means too much electricity, and thus an unnecessary amount of energy wasted. To curb the reliance on synthetic light in the office, try to bring in as much natural light as you can. This isn’t only better for the planet, but natural light has been proven to be better for employee health and does much to heighten mood and energy in the day.

The Power of Nature

Ferns on desks or a couple of ficus plants in the office corners will actually help clean the office air. The sustainability here, is in the health of your people because the office will be markedly cleaner, and thus happier.

You Don’t Need Paper

The business world – as with most aspects of this modern society – is a digital one. It’s a world where the cloud reigns. Where we’re infinitely linked to each other via devices and a state of interconnectedness that’s never been as capable and effective as it is now.
Considering this, a few questions arise. Do we need any more paper? Do you need to click ‘print’ when digital copies are more and more accessible and editable?

The next step toward total green, then, is to keep that paper factor to a minimum. It’s all about reducing waste, and a carbon footprint – paper production is an influential process that does much damage to the planet, every day.

Don’t just take our word for it

Make it Fun

It should never be an obligation to do one’s part for the planet. But in the spirit of teamwork at the office, it’s always effective to gamify your endeavours in going green. So, make it fun – come up with fun environmentally-friendly challenges, and reward those who stick to it all, with a gift card, or a team lunch.

Adopting a sustainable tradition within the office is easy, once you start small. And once everyone’s onboard and noticing the benefits, your office will soon become one that’s contributing seriously to the betterment of the globe.

And Giant Leap is here to help and advise you on how to better achieve your green.

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Why choose Giant Leap?

The ethos of our company is that if you treat people well, you bring out the very best in them. This means that every member of our team, focusses sharply on creating work interiors that inspire and uplift to enable staff to be and do their best.

We share a passion for excellence in design, delivery, and finish, always using the finest materials, technology, logistics and people. We create better places to work, rest and play in allowing people an environment to focus all their attention on being original, comfortable, innovative and inspired.

People are at the heart of everything we do; everything we design.

Giant Leap, welcome to a better place.