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Steps To Creating A Green Office Design

Gone are the days of the cold, clinical office. The modern commerce space now, in most cases, embraces employee wellness and comfort. And this is mostly because we all understand that the office is where we’ll be spending a large chunk of our time. And because the top brass in most organisations know that their greatest asset is their people, it stands to reason then, that all measures to make the office as comfortable as possible, is priority.

But how? Well, there are many ways to make an office more habitable for those that will be spending their days there. Much of it is in the aesthetics – ‘chill’ areas, fun features, and collaborative spaces. But, to truly promote wellness in the office, and heightened employee benefit, the best way is to incorporate the tradition of ‘green’ and green office furniture. Not only does this environment enhance health and comfort, but it’s a way to acknowledge the need for global conservation.

Let’s highlight three easy steps to accomplishing the ‘green’, at the office.

What is Green Office Design?

It’s about reducing your business’s carbon footprint, sure, but it’s also all about making employees as comfortable as possible. This could be in their physical wellness, and in their moral standing. These need not be mutually exclusive, though. Try these steps:

Step 1: Recycle

Incorporate a directive of recycling in your office. This could mean bins that specifically separate waste. This does much to show your people that you care about cleaner, more beneficial processes at the office. And the little changes in this regard that you implement, can make a huge impact on environmental care.

Your employees will feel better for it, and they’ll appreciate your care.

Step 2: Green Products

Sourcing locally made, environmentally friendly products, won’t only do much to enhance wellbeing at the office, but it’s a great way to save on costs, overall.

And again, your people will appreciate your ‘green’ awareness.

Step 3: The Power of Nature

And finally, let’s get back to that point of aesthetic. There’s a way to bring in green office design that promotes health and wellbeing, but also looks pretty. And that’s all in the introduction of nature.

Pot plants on desks, a ficus in the corner, even a living wall, if you have the space for it – all does much to bring about calm, and because plants filter the air, employees will benefit from the increased oxygen that abounds.

What’s more, because of that air filtration, you’ll be using significantly less energy at the office – energy that you would’ve been wasting to make the office more liveable.

For more tips and tricks on how to embrace green office design and become a green company, visit Giant Leap. We can help you make your space one that your people will look forward to coming back to every day.

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The ethos of our company is that if you treat people well, you bring out the very best in them. This means that every member of our team, focusses sharply on creating work interiors that inspire and uplift to enable staff to be and do their best.

We share a passion for excellence in design, delivery, and finish, always using the finest materials, technology, logistics and people. We create better places to work, rest and play in allowing people an environment to focus all their attention on being original, comfortable, innovative and inspired.

People are at the heart of everything we do; everything we design.

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