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Sustainable Office Designs: Making Green Business A Reality

The global mindset right now, in most aspects of life, is to adopt a tradition of sustainability and eco-friendliness. At home, we recycle, we use solar energy, we conserve water, and we endeavour to not waste when it comes to everything we consume.

It goes without saying, then, that to truly be considered as part of the new sustainable and green movement, all of the environmentally friendly features we lend to our lives at home, must be adopted at the workplace.

Environmentally friendly companies aren’t just organisations embracing the ecological zeitgeist of the time as a means to pander to the movement. These are businesses that are doing their part in ensuring the world is a better place, while honouring and respecting the comfort, health, and beliefs of their people.

Here’s how you can begin steps to becoming a green business.

How Can I Maintain A Green Office?

Becoming a green company doesn’t have to mean you now need to shell out loads of money on renovations and infrastructure that effectively turns your building into some kind of a bio-dome.

Small steps, and the embracing of the power of a natural way, can bring your business into the future of eco-sustainability.

Here’s where to start:

More Windows – More Light

We should all know by experience, that an office environment that is open, spacious and well-lit, is one that promotes comfort, and thus productivity.

The most effective way for better illumination in a workspace is to rearrange the office furniture to be closer to the natural sources of light – up close to windows, or nearer to glass doors and skylights.

What’s more, by using natural light, you won’t have to rely on the synthetic white light that’s traditionally used. It’s not only bad for your people, but it’s a large culprit when it comes to office features that waste energy.

Reduce Consumption – Improve Sustainability

Well, not necessarily reduce it, but be a little savvier at controlling it.

Inform your staff on better options when it comes to choosing products and packaging and make these options available at the office – in your stationary cupboard and canteen. Then, just as you’ve done at home, implement better recycling options in all areas of the office.

Use Space Better

Becoming a green office means working better with space. Try reducing, or getting rid of, dated layout features like cubicles and large offices, and unused spaces. The main reasoning here is that unused space in an office is still space that is being heated and electrified.

So, reconfigure your office space to better use everything you have available. This simple move can increase office efficiency, and thus inadvertently save you on energy costs.

Bring in Nature

Not only because plants and greenery look great. And not only because nature in the office is comforting and calming. But because office plants do much to purify the air, making the office healthier, more comfortable, and happier. With that morale rejuvenation, efficiency in staff energy, and usable energy, improves inevitably.

The green business is the way of the future. And as we’ve discussed, it doesn’t have to be a matter of shifting your entire process and business way. A few steps, and a staff willing to embrace the directive, will do just the trick in making your office a more efficient one.

Find out more about the green business, and how Giant Leap can help you establish yours.

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