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The Greenest Office Design Trends

There’s an air of global hyper-awareness happening right now, where we’re collectively realising that if we’re not working to create environmental sustainability in everything we do, the world as we know it could be headed down a troubling path.

We’re also adopting a worldwide directive that because we work for the large part of the hours we have in a day, the best way to go about doing our part for ecological sustainability, is at the office.

And in that vein, most of the green office ideas are embracing a state of natural existence, where the synthetic acts that drain energy, are being replaced by features in an office that rely on the symbiotic co-existence between humans, and the natural world.

Let’s get more into that here, and talk about adopting nature in office design, and how it saves energy and improves health for all.

What is the best green design trend in offices right now?

Trends abound right now – endeavours to recycle, use less wasteful office products, and the cutting back on unnecessary paper use, and printing. These are all highly effective sustainability trends that do much to better serve the planet.

When it comes to green office ideas, though, we’re keeping our collective eye on one in particular. One that we see as infinitely effective, even as it is very simple to implement.

The adoption of everything natural in the office way of life.

And this trend is producing results that are two-fold – firstly, it’s an effective energy-saving way of operating. And secondly, it enhances employee mood, productivity, and overall health.

Natural light

The amount of energy a fully lit office uses is, quite frankly, a startling number. And it’s simply because for people to be able to effectively do their jobs, ample lighting is needed. But that lighting needn’t be always and entirely synthetic – and indeed it shouldn’t. Because mother nature herself has provided us with the most effective light source out there.

Employing measures to use as much natural light as possible, not only conserves your office’s energy, but a well-lit space inspires productivity and keeps all those in that space alert. It also does a lot to curb the discomfort of eye fatigue and headaches that can come with working in a poorly illuminated space.

Biophilia in the office

Biophilia, or the innate affinity of humans with the natural world, is a notion that’s perhaps the newest of the green office ideas now being woven into modern office design. Interestingly, this is a feature that effectively manufacturers fresh air within a working environment through the introduction of plants, greenery, and natural elements.

This all does much to restore the natural harmony when it comes to the mental energy we use in a day.

These are just some of the benefits for the human body, and the environment as a whole:

  • Purifies the air
  • Reduces discomfort like headaches and eye irritation
  • Reduces the energy needed to ventilate an entire office space, by up to 15%

Even though there are many green office trends that are very effective in establishing a more sustainable working space, if you’re looking to go greener, adopting the natural way, can sometimes be the most rewarding for all.

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