Giant Leap design and build corporate interiors that inspire efficient and innovative work.

What we do

Giant Leap – Commercial Office Interior Designers

Most successful business owners, when asked to candidly share their opinion on what it is they think is the most vital aspect to a thriving organisation, wouldn’t wax lyrical on bottom lines and profits – to start, at least.

They’d be talking about people – and the cultural ecosystem of the business.
Of course, the money side is obviously very important, but it has to take a back step to employee satisfaction. For without a happy workforce, customer satisfaction, productivity and the means by which money comes into the business, could be wholly stifled.

So yes, employee happiness is vital because a business’s greatest asset is the contingent of people that collaborate to make products work, sales happen and customers happy.

But what are the focus points that need to be established as infrastructure, in order for a workplace to be a happy one? Salary, satisfaction in a role, clarity of role requirements, a well-stocked coffee cupboard – these are just some. Perhaps the focus point that can definitely be confirmed as the most fundamental to employee happiness, is a comfortable, safe and aesthetically pleasing workspace.

Yes, it could be as simple as that. A competently designed office that promotes collaboration, comfort and safety is the first step to a workplace culture that breeds happiness and productivity.

Commercial interior designs

The concept of competence in commercial interior design isn’t simply defined as the addition of a few new couches, or a couple of motivational posters put up in the main boardroom. There are intricacies that can be implemented that appeal to the human eye, that do wonders in easing anxieties, that play along the senses to make an office experience more visually delightful, and thus a place an employee would want to be, every day.

These intricacies are intrinsic to the services of a competent commercial interior design provider.

Giant Leap is such a provider – with vast experience and an award-winning team, we don’t add to a company’s culture, we take that culture to a new and exciting level with just a seasoned eye and a know-how that can transform spaces through colour, layout, spatial use and the crafting of an aesthetic.

What we do

What is commerce office interior design? It’s the use of space to shift mindsets within. In the case of office interior design, that shift is toward comfort, safety and the simple enjoyment of being in a work environment that excites mind and soul.

At Giant Leap, we design and build corporate interiors locally and internationally that inspire efficient and innovative work.

The Green Workspace

There has been a development in office space design that has seen a movement toward an entirely green working environment. It goes without saying that employees in modern offices attribute a part of their work-life happiness to the fact that their office space not only honours a comfortable environment within, but promotes the protection of the greater environment, without.

As part of our suite of services, we are able to provide an ‘interiors green’ rating for our clients, where required.

As we endeavour to source the most visually pleasing and practical products for your inspired new workspace, we’ll make sure it all always fits within the specifications of environmental protection.

We bring out the best in your business

Not only from a design side.

We will work with you to conceptualise and bring to life an internal working environment that reflects your business ethos, one that promotes the operational values you and your people work every day to uphold, and one that showcases the nuances of your corporate identity – whether colourful playfulness, stoic reserve, or minimalist modernity. We will craft it to your specification.

First and foremost, though, we design with your culture and people in mind. We create spaces that boost awareness of your company values and allow people to experience your brand, inside and out.

Give us a call today. For modern office redesigning, to conceptual thinking for your workspaces, even the implementation of an entirely ‘green’ infrastructure for your business, we do it all – and we do it with the happiness of your greatest asset at top of mind, that of your people.
Let us welcome you to a better place.

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