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Core Office Space Planning Guidelines

With lockdowns lifting and regulations easing in some cases – and with some eager to ditch the cabin fever that’s come with remote working – employees may be starting to trickle back into the office.

As a result, you may want to think about an office redesign, to either freshen things up or accommodate a staff contingent that will be slightly less to start.

It’s a definite must, then, to put together a solid office space planning strategy, and consider the factors that could take your office interior from outdated, to highly efficient and space-saving.

Here are some of the most vital of those factors.

Office Space Planning – 4 Important Factors to Consider

Re-invigorating your office for the mass return of your people, can be the perfect way to commence a fresh and exciting outlook for your business’s future.

Let’s start with these factors:


Your business has a personality of its own, and you’ve no doubt established this in the years you’ve been operating and growing.

It can sometimes be overlooked, though, that your office space should ideally be a representation of that personality. It’s a space into which you can inject your company culture, to reinforce the spirit of why you and your people come together, to do what it is you do. It’s also a way to show outsiders – clients and customers – the fun and dynamic side of your operations.

So, when you’re undergoing office space planning, work your culture in. Give your employees space to collaborate in a fun, and exciting ways, to build camaraderie. Put up some fun artwork or pictures and bring more nature into the space – it all does well to bake in your culture even more.


You’ll then need to make sure you have the right amount of space, for the number of people you’ll be having under your roof, on a given day – especially seeing as though you may still be using a day in, day out rotation for now. So, establish the office capacity, and make your interior changes accordingly, to ensure space efficiency.


To expand on the previous point, plan for the right amount of space in the office. Each employee must have space to move around safely if they feel they need to. Lastly, be extra cautious about overcrowding – it goes against the social distancing directive.

Plan for Expansion & Growth

As more people come back to the office, you’ll need to shift things about – moving one or two desks or tables around won’t be quite enough. Perhaps most important though, is to plan your office for growth, now that things are getting back to normal – to an extent, anyway.
So, office space planning must include an agile element of growth planning. Envision where you see your business going, and the amount of space you may need, to allow it to physically grow, as well.

Use this office space planning guide to get your headquarters ready for a return to operational form. And in the meantime, choose Giant Leap as your workspace specialists – we’ll get you on track to a fresh new working environment.

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