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Designing A Small Office Space for Maximum Productivity

When we talk office productivity, we’re usually chatting around tools that make work efficient. These could be online dashboards, collaborative platforms, or cloud-based applications that promote remote working solutions. But there’s another way, and it’s in the actual, physical layout of an office – this has been proven and concluded to enhance productivity across the board.
But how?
Let’s go through a few points here.

Small Office Interior Design

When we say interior office design, we don’t mean entire refurbishes, or total redesigns. There are a number of small office interior design tricks that are easy to implement and highly effective in bringing about employee comfort, and thus maximum productivity.

Craft your space according to employee activity

Restrictive spaces can be a very big no-no when endeavouring to enhance productivity. Open offices have been known to be such an unsatisfactory environment for people, that in them, absenteeism, sick days and higher stress levels all have shown various levels of increased frequency.

People, in their working world, must be able to collaborate and work in ways that allow them to be more efficient and creative.

So, craft your space to be more collaborative. Create areas for different kinds of tasks, and allow your people to come together, and work the way that lets them achieve better results.

Get better lighting

Lighting is vital for comfort.

In poorly lit spaces, the human body has to compensate to be able to function. This means that strain on the eyes increases, and so discomfort comes from side-effects like headaches and problems with vision.

Make sure your space is well-lit. Not only will it be better for employee health, but a brighter, naturally lit office does much to improve concentration, alertness and overall morale.

Try some colour

You may not believe us, but research shows that a plain, white office space, is one of the main contributors to a tradition of plain, vanilla work.

Colour is an amazing thing – especially to the human eye. Our brains respond in different ways to different colours, and every space, injected with colour, can enhance and promote efficiency and great work, in different ways.

For example, the colour blue, introduced to a space, has been known to make employees feel more productive. By that notion, green makes people feel creative. Red has been known to tickle the analytical areas on the mind.

Try make your space as colourful as possible. Your people will respond positively without even realising it.

It may seem trivial, but small office interior design is far from being so. You can do much to enhance employee wellness by implementing simple aesthetical features, and without busting the bank. A cleverly crafted space here, and a lick of paint there, and you’ll be watching employee happiness, efficiency, and productivity exponentially rise in no time.

Ask Giant Leap how to do it – we’re the workspace specialists and we’re ready to help you make your office a better place.

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The ethos of our company is that if you treat people well, you bring out the very best in them. This means that every member of our team, focusses sharply on creating work interiors that inspire and uplift to enable staff to be and do their best.

We share a passion for excellence in design, delivery, and finish, always using the finest materials, technology, logistics and people. We create better places to work, rest and play in allowing people an environment to focus all their attention on being original, comfortable, innovative and inspired.

People are at the heart of everything we do; everything we design.

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