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Efficient Office Layouts

Gone are the days of siloed offices and workspaces – even the likes of big business CEOs are ditching their corner offices, to be out on the floor with their people.

It’s a way of working that promotes collaboration and camaraderie. What’s more, it enhances office dynamism and excitement in a workday.

And now, in this new working zeitgeist, a number of efficient office layout options have developed, to embrace the spirit of a more social, action-packed work experience.

Here are three of the most significant.

What Are the Most Efficient Office Layouts?

These are the three most efficient and collaborative office layout forms. Try them in your workspace today – the difference between these and siloed working, and the levels of productivity each brings, is night and day.

Open Plan Layout

The open plan office is a layout that’s continually risen in popularity – especially as the new dawn of collaborative work has established itself in modern commerce.

The outcome here, is simply better communication and an air of teamwork, as employees are sat 2-4 at a quad desk, allowing them to collaborate, brainstorm and assist each other in real-time.

Cluster Layout

In a cluster layout, workstations are set up around a central office point. This means that certain teams can gather in designated spaces, to reinforce collaboration and teamwork.

What’s more, the greater areas of the office can be used as extra zones where employees can gather to brainstorm and socialise. These areas can also simply be used to get away from designated workstations to possibly find inspiration or creativity elsewhere.

Landscape Layout

The landscape office design is put in place to promote space efficiency outside of the linearity of traditional and even open plan and cluster layouts.

A delicate ratio is achieved between open areas and private spaces, using special techniques that make use of angles, along with ambient light to enhance focus, and greenery to both divide areas of work, and add the natural soothing element of nature.

This layout is highly effective in demarcating areas of collaboration, and then areas of reflection and alone work, while instilling a sense of calm and enhanced employee health.

These are just some of the most effective and efficient office layout options. They follow the directive of enhanced collaboration and comfort. Your people will be spending a large part of their day in your office. It’s easy to see then, that giving them a space in which to collaborate, focus, and feel healthy, is vital to their happiness and efficiency.

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