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Interior Design: How to Create a Workplace Where Your Employees Can Be Productive

In endeavouring to enhance your workplace productivity, employee happiness is paramount. In creating that happiness, there are a number of features you can implement to your office way, that aren’t just about bringing in fancier coffee or a drinks fridge. It’s been proven that more happiness and comfort in the office can come from a few aesthetical tweaks to the interior, than any added luxury. After all, your people are there to do a job. They want to do that job well. So, give them a space that’ll empower them to do just that, in every task, and every objective.

Let’s go through a few features here, to enhance office design and productivity. They’re quick fixes.

Productive Office Space Design

You may be hesitant, because you may be thinking that this is going to involve big changes, and thus big costs. That doesn’t have to be the case, though. It all comes down to specific, tweakable features that you can put in place today.

Collaborative spaces

Some studies in pursuit of the perfect, productive workspace, have revealed that people feel less happy in forced open space offices. So unhappy, in fact, that their stress levels rise, and absenteeism and sick days have often been seen to be at an all-time high.

What’s the solution?

Create collaborative spaces in your office for specific tasks and encourage your employees to use them. This has been known to quickly gear employee mindset to the specific job at hand, and so increase focus and creativity.


Poor lighting breeds discomfort, health issues, and lowered morale. For uninterrupted focus and alertness, good office lighting is key. Even better, and if possible, bring in as much natural light as your office allows. This all does much to reduce headaches and eye fatigue, and visibly re-energizes people for increased concentration, and raised problem-solving ability.

Mother nature

We’ve all been inspired by nature. Its beauty brings us calm, and comfort and revitalises the senses. So, it stands to reason, then, that bringing nature into the office, will only improve employee happiness.

Adding plants to office corners, or on desks, works to filter the air and improve oxygen, making for enhanced concentration and focus. Then of course, it’s all in the aesthetic – plants look pretty, they spruce up the room, and they make people feel closer to nature. This all can ensure enhanced well-being.

There you have it – productive office space design top tips, that are easy and quick to implement, yet highly effective in making the office a better place. For more on how you can enhance your space for the happiness and well-being of your people, ask Giant Leap.

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