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Maximising Your Workplace with Space Planning

Your employees will be spending the greater part of their day in your office. It’s, of course, vital, to give them a space in which they feel comfortable, calm and inspired, because this allows them to be efficient, focused and productive, and give their best work.

But their individual working style will be as individual as their personalities. It sometimes proves a challenge to keep everyone happy and comfortable, in an office environment.

There are, however, a few tips and tricks you can include in your office space planning, that usually bring universal happiness to employees in a working space.

Here’s what to consider.

Space Planning

Space planning in the office, isn’t just about where you’ll be putting desks, where the chill zones will be, and how many bean bags you need.

Space planning is also about making sure individuals feel comfortable and productive in the space they’re allocated.

Here are a few things you can do, and encourage your employees to do, to make their workstations spaces of well-being, inspiration and comfort.

Encourage Personalisation

Within reason, personalising one’s workspace does a lot to help build an emotional connection to the work one does.
Encourage your people to inject as much of their personality, and what inspires them, into the space they’ve been given. It’s a small matter, but it helps to significantly increase comfort and contentment in a space – focus inevitably follows.
But as mentioned, it must be within reason. After all, you have to still uphold your business’s professionalism and poise – especially to visitors, clients and potential partners. It can be done in

Cleanliness Is Key

A cluttered desk usually makes for a cluttered mind.

Encourage your employees to keep their desks and workspaces clean, and you’ll be enhancing their natural ability to self-organise and maintain focus.

Why not make it fun, too? Offer a prize to the one with the cleanest workstation or build it in as part of the company way. There are many things you can do to inspire cleanliness, without being too bossy or patronising.

Make them Move

Employees should never be sitting for extended periods – the human body wasn’t built for it.

So, find ways to urge them to move around.

For example, put the copier in the break room so when they need it, at least they’ll have to get up and move, have a chat or make a cuppa.

Also, if you have a watercooler put it in a central spot, away from desks. A quick trip to fill a bottle helps put work back into perspective, and encourages the prevention of health issues like screen fatigue.

Let Nature In

Lastly, let in the soothing power of nature. It seriously works wonders for employee morale in the workspace.

A fern in the corner. A garden in the courtyard. Even just a desk plant for each workstation – bringing greenery into the office adds a calming aesthetic. That’s not all it does, though. As we all know, plants produce oxygen – the fuel for enhanced focus, alertness, and productivity.

Try these top tips on enhancing both individual workspaces and the office as a whole. Your employees will thank you by being their happiest, and most productive selves. And that’ll show in your bottom line.

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