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Office Design Trends For 2021 And Beyond

Two of the most important factors that businesses need to consider when designing a workplace are what the current workplace design trends are and the effects that they’ll have on their employees.

An average South African spends over 40 hours a week in the office. Given this statistic, it’s unsurprising that the space can affect their enjoyment of and satisfaction with their job.

One of the best ways to increase engagement among employees is to offer a workplace that is designed to meet their needs.

How Does Office Design Influence Job Satisfaction?

A survey conducted in the USA notes that your office environment plays a vital role in determining whether employees are efficient. 83% of employees who worked from private offices felt they were as productive as possible, as compared to 60% of employees working in divided workspaces.  Their environment also affected their satisfaction, with 90% of workers in private offices being happy, as compared to 67% of employees working from closed office spaces.

These results clearly denote the importance of paying attention to office layout trends; the more they meet your employees’ requirements, the greater their satisfaction and productivity. However, employers also need to pay attention to new office design trends. Aside from your office’s layout, the design also plays a big role in determining your employees’ job satisfaction.

The same survey also notes that employees feel happier if their office gets ample natural light, has comfortable meeting spaces, standing desks, and outdoor space.

Research indicates that one-third of employees across 17 countries – including South Africa – feel disengaged from their jobs. Employee satisfaction is instrumental in reducing turnover and increasing revenue. Current office design trends ensure a welcoming and warm workspace.

During our generating process for office design, we take into account the following elements;

What Are the Recent Office Design Trends?

As times change, so do employees’ needs. Modern office design trends are evolving accordingly. Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the demands that employees place on their workspace. Keeping these factors in mind, here are some recent office design trends for employers to pay attention to:

Sustainable Offices:

People around the world are becoming aware of their impact on the environment. Not only do individuals demand more from themselves, but they also want to work for businesses that are actively working to reduce their carbon footprint.

To be sustainable when implementing new office design trends research the materials and the origin of the products you want. Choosing companies with sustainable accreditations to buy from can reduce the environmental impact of your workspace.

Flexible Workspaces:

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for more flexible ways of working. The pandemic has seen many employees work remotely, from their homes. While many of these employees will return to traditional work schedules when it’s safe to do so, this isn’t the case for everyone.

Many companies are moving towards a more flexible and remote model of employment where possible. Businesses find that they need less floor space as only a portion of their team works from the office.

Some office layout trends improve flexibility by moving to bookable workspaces and task-focused work zones from assigned desks. Modular furniture helps meet the demands of a fluctuating headcount. Enclosed meeting rooms can be replaced with open breakout areas that can be accessed for both large and small meetings.

These are only some of the workplace design trends that are gaining in popularity in 2021. Some other popular trends include a move towards workspaces that emphasize open space as opposed to close office layouts, bringing nature inside in the form of office plants, living walls, and more, and smart offices that use technology to respond to the needs of the people working within their walls.


Here at Giant Leap, we understand that trends come and go but that style is forever. That’s why we only use the finest materials, technology, logistics, and people. Our team of interiors designers share a passion for superior interior designs that motivate and energize.


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