Giant Leap design and build corporate interiors that inspire efficient and innovative work.

What we do

Office Interior Design

With people at the forefront of everything we do, we start every office interior design consultation asking how we can help you enhance your employee experience. Every successful company needs to know that poor workspaces are to be blamed for a workforce that is not progressing forward. Employee productivity dwindles when less than satisfactory environments exist. Att Giant Leap, we believe that its time we understood the impact that a modern, joyful workspace can have on the wellbeing of employees and ultimately on the bottom line.

We are one of the leading corporate interior design companies in South Africa and our clients come from all over the world for our expertise in creating contemporary environments that will help their employees thrive. From location to work flow, we consult with our clients on every aspect of their new office space. From making coffee in the morning to brainstorming on an important deal, every corner of a commercial office interior design plan needs to be taken care of. And, that’s exactly what we do!

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What is office interior design?

An unforgettable office space interior design starts with bringing out the best in your people. Interiors that boost awareness of your company values and allow people to experience your brand from the inside, out is what we consider to be true creativity. Modern office interior design incorporates many elements in the process to creating a final masterpiece, including:

  • Consultation, assessment and planning
  • Structural work and building
  • Design and décor
  • Procurement and change management

What to look for in a good office interior design company?

There are many excellent design teams out there that each bring their own unique brand of flare and inspiration to their work. As a business, how do you know what to look for in a good design company? At this critical time in our existence, people have become the centre of office space design and so an excellent interiors company needs to be able to reflect that through every project they create. Here are a few questions to ask;

What is your ethos?

What drives the company to succeed? What is their central vision and why do they do what they do? Of critical importance is a company that can offer you creative, innovative work that meets your needs and budget but also one who’s vision matches yours. If you’re a company focussed on creating a work environment that is uplifting and promotes creativity, does your chosen design company do the same?

Do you place as much importance on profit as people?

If people are at the centre of modern interior design, does your chosen design company place as much importance on their people as they do their profit? You’ll get a feel for the company simply by walking in the door and you’ll know after your first consultation if this is a company that practices what they preach.

Do you have a credible portfolio?

Proof truly is in the pudding when it comes to creative work like corporate design. Ask your prospective company for a list of references to contact and more importantly a comprehensive portfolio to view. You will be able to witness how the company brings elements like spacial planning, work flow design, and contemporary décor together by looking at work they’ve previously done.

At Giant Leap, we welcome every one of our client’s asking the above questions because it’s proof that they are serious about creating a space that means something more than just the bottom line. View our portfolio of some of the most recent projects we’ve worked on now.

Where can I find an office interior designer?

Whether you’re in Johannesburg, Cape Town or anywhere in between, Giant Leap are available to help you create the workspace interiors of your contemporary dreams today. Our team, spearheaded by our creative leadership, is focussed on creating spaces that promote the wellbeing of every individual that work in them. We are a company determined to create places that inspire people because we believe that if you treat people well, you’ll be able to bring out the very best in them.

We have assisted companies both locally and abroad to create superior interiors that take you on a journey from the moment you step inside them. We share a passion for excellence in design, delivery, and finish.

People are at the heart of everything we do; everything we design.

Giant Leap, welcome to a better place.