Giant Leap design and build corporate interiors that inspire efficient and innovative work.

What we do

Office Interiors

We are interior architects who believe that people work, play and feel better in well-deigned spaces. We are driven by a simple idea that if you treat people well, you bring out the very best in them. This ethos is manifest in everything we do, from consulting and planning with clients to designing some of the most creative office interiors ever seen.

We never forget that when work is a pleasure, life is joyful. People spend the majority of their time at the office and so, why not create spaces that people will love and that will enable them to be more creative and productive than ever before?

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Why is the interior of an office important?

Office interior design can mean the difference between an unproductive, repressed workforce and a highly-interactive, creative and happy one. When people have a well-designed space from which to work, it goes without saying that their creativity will improve which will ultimately impact on the bottom line.

We believe in creating cutting-edge interiors by enhancing work flows, getting rid of design obstacles and enhancing the natural beauty of every space.

What are the properties of a good office interior?

When designing a modern office interior, there are certain elements that are absolutely key. Gone are the days of dimly-lit, open plan offices with dry-wall partitioning that make everything loud and dark at the same time. Today, the properties of a good office interior, include:


Walled off cubicles that don’t allow for interaction are what offices of the past looked like. Today, designers incorporate the same concept of designated wall spaces, but bring them into the millennial age with lower walls and more defined spaces. Desks, common areas, chill lounges, brainstorm rooms, and cafes are all a part of a new-age office interior plan which promotes collaboration and a feeling of connectedness, making for happier, more creative people.


Small windows that didn’t allow a lot of light in, are out. Large windows allowing a tonne of natural light to flow in, are in. Modern design for urban office interiors calls for as much sunlight as possible to help promote health and a feeling of vitality for employees. People need to know what time it is, simply by looking at the light. At Giant Leap we try to incorporate as much natural lighting as possible to help feed employee’s vitality and creativity.


Where possible, including windows that can open and allow air to circulate in and out can be a great tool in creating natural, productivity-enhancing environments. Being able to look out the window and smell the fresh air can go a long way to helping employees feel less restricted.


Creating a corporate space that promotes wellbeing and ultimate joy, also comes down to the design elements chosen for the space. Warm hues, curved spaces, comfortable and natural fabrics, and beautiful décor pieces combine to create a space that subconsciously feels like home. Staying away from a rigid design, with stark lines and clinical colours, will help your employees to feel less stressed and feel like their creativity and happiness is under-nourished.

Take a look at our portfolio of work to see some of our latest, contemporary designs.

Why should I choose Giant Leap?

As a black woman owned company, operating in the design space for nearly 10 years, we are proud to say that we have some of the best clients in the business. Thanks to our ethos of putting people first, our clients trust us to create people-focussed workspaces that will allow innovation and thought-leadership to flourish.

People are at the heart of everything we do; everything we design.

Giant Leap, welcome to a better place.