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What does efficiency mean to you? Is it a healthy bottom line? Or is it a happy workforce? As office space efficiency experts, we know that it is in fact, both. At Giant Leap, creating office space efficiency in the workplace through innovative interior design, means creating inspired, functional and cutting-edge workspaces that enhance employee wellness which, in turn, will impact their productiveness.

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How can I make my office space more efficient?

As interior architects, we consultant on the design of office spaces which include refurbishing offices to make them more inspired and productive. However, there are a few things you can do yourself to make your office space more efficient right away. Whether you have a corner office, or a desk in the bull pen, here are five things to implement right away that will help boost your productivity;

#1: Keep A Cool Head

Getting the temperature right is key for productivity. If the air is too cold or too hot, it can make you feel distracted or lethargic. If you work in an open plan office with windows, try and open as many as you can for some fresh air, or set the air conditioning to a more moderate temp. The right temperature will go along way in enhancing efficiency.

#2: Natural Light Please

Letting as much natural light in as possible is essential for employee wellness and therefore efficiency. When stuck under fluorescent lighting all day without seeing an inkling of sunlight, a toll can be taken on our productivity. Where possible, let as much natural light into your space as possible.

#3: Sit Up Straight

Correct ergonomics is essential to making sure your body is as comfortable as possible during the work day. If you sit at a desk most of the day, it’s key to make sure your desk and chair are at the right height for your body and that your back and neck are well supported.

#4: Can You Please Keep It Down

High noise levels can be very distracting and can keep you from being constructive. If you work in a cubicle-style or open-plan office consider wearing noise-reducing earphones while you work to block out the noise. If you have your own office, make a “do not disturb” sign and put it up during times when you need to concentrate.

#5: Stand Up

Consider having meetings together while standing or take on brainstorm meetings outside in the fresh air, and stand for them. Standing can make things go a lot quicker and avoid a lot of time wasting. Plus, it gets the blood pumping and the muscles firing too.

What is the value of office space efficiency?

When you focus the design of your office space on creating the best possible environment for your employees to enhance their creativity and drive, your workplace efficiency will certainly increase. Value will be created by your employees being happier, less stressed, taking less time off work, and being more inspired to do their best.

We created value for our clients through these impressive projects undertaken. Have a look at some of our best work done recently by viewing our portfolio.

Why Giant Leap?

We put people at the front of every design project. No matter what business you run, we aim to make each one of your employees feel comfortable and inspired by designing impeccable and uplifting spaces in which to work.

We are a proudly South African, black woman owned design firm with the ethos of; treat people well and you’ll bring out the best in them. People work, play and feel better in well-designed spaces and we strive to create that for each one of our clients.

People are at the heart of everything we do; everything we design.

Giant Leap, welcome to a better place.