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Open Plan Office Furniture and Layout Concepts

What determines the kind of furniture you need for your open plan office and how do you integrate the open-plan office concept with your existing furniture?

Like any other aspect of a business, offices must be carefully planned. An open-plan office gives the opportunity to balance community with privacy. The layout of the space and the furnishings are probably the two most important factors to creating the right working environment for your needs.

The specifics of open plan office furniture layouts will vary depending on the type of company, its culture, and the functionality required. For example, a tech company will need more collaborative space than a law firm. A sales team for an insurance company may need open plan office cubicles, whereas a sales team for a radio station may not.

How do you plan an open office layout?

There are several different ways of planning an open office layout, but the key to success is matching the spaces to the needs of the employees, and not the other way around. Open office layouts that are designed to accommodate different work modes are becoming more and more popular. But, how does the office layout influence your choice of furniture?

When planning an open office layout and the furniture to go into it, our experts will advise you to take the following factors into consideration:

  • Quiet and private spaces: These provide staff with spaces where they can focus on a particular task without disruption. Using are A good option for creating private working areas is to use open plan office cubicles
  • Collaboration areas: Spaces for brainstorming, meetings, and conversations should be clearly defined in open-plan office furniture layouts.
  • Social spaces: need to be woven into the planning to provide areas where staff can engage socially or relax. If possible, this should include an outside area with some greenery.
  • Ergonomics: Does your office bring out the best in people? Spaces and furnishings that promote comfort and health will result in a healthier, happier team. So: does the furniture fit the space? Too big and you’ll be cramped; too small and spaces won’t be structured. Is the furniture pretty, or is it functional too?

How to choose your open plan office furniture?


Choosing the right furniture for an open plan office is equally as important as planning the layout. Reflect your brand in the colours, textures, and styles of your furnishings. Always bear in mind that furniture needs to be comfortable and ergonomically designed.

Obviously, open space office furniture should maximize the use of the workspace. For example, you will need open-plan office desks that are more like large tables with benches for collaborative space and smaller, modular open plan office desks for private spaces.

Here are some tips for choosing furniture for an open plan office:

  • Choose a good brand.
  • Ensure items are durable, flexible, and functional.
  • Go for comfort and ergonomic designs.
  • Look for furniture that is multi-functional.
  • Look for furniture made of material which will help to absorb sound.
  • Buy what you need and choose quality over quantity.
  • Furniture that is portable is essential for mixed-use areas.

Get open plan office furniture that makes work better

Open plan office furniture and layout choices can make or break a work environment. You want workstations that are comfortable and not cramped. You want conference rooms that can easily be adapted into training rooms or collaborative work spaces. The ideal open plan office uses a blend of spaces that suit the people working in it, and the type of work they are doing.

Use a company like Giant Leap to assist you to create a working environment that suits your needs. It is an excellent investment because you are guaranteed of an open office space that inspires efficient and innovative work from your employees and makes your clients feel comfortable and welcome.

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