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Productive Office Space Design

Productivity is defined as state of being which is measured by the effectiveness of an employee’s output. At Giant Leap, we know that productivity is something that can be heightened and enhanced by making sure people are at the centre of it. Allowing people to reach their full potential by improving their working environment is what productive office space design is all about.

Where you work has a huge impact on how you work, and we believe that workspace and productivity go beautifully hand in hand. For the past 10 years, Giant Leap, spearheaded by our creative leadership team, have created inspired office designs for productivity. Contact us today to find out more.

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What is productive office space design?

Creating a productive environment does not have to mean starting from scratch. It can simply mean, taking the space you already have, stripping it down to its core, and reinventing it into a modern workplace that takes key elements like lighting, temperature, colour and ergonomics into account in order to enhance productivity.

At Giant Leap, when partnering with a company on workspace design and productivity we always look at these factors;

Open Plan Spaces

Open plan areas that are well designed are the best office environment productivity types. An open plan arrangement allows for natural light to flow as well as a moderate temperature to be achieved. The days of sitting behind your partitioned cubicle without being able to see your colleagues, with only the flickering fluorescent bulb above you for light, are gone. We’ve said goodbye to boxed-in, clinical, cubicle-type offices and said hello to airy, informal, inspired open plan working.

Space Planning

Taking your existing space and planning it out in order to optimise every square inch of it, is the specialised skill of space planning that we offer. Space planning allows consultants like us to take what you have and use it as a skeleton to create a more enhanced and collaborative environment where your employees can flourish.

Workplace Productivity

All our designs are directed at enhancing workplace productivity by creating cutting-edge, contemporary environments in which employees can shine. Our designs include flexible workstations, chill pods and collaboration stations with modern furnishings and mood-enhancing décor.

Workspace Wellness

If you ask an employee what impacts their wellness most at work, often they will tell you that uncomfortable furnishings, stifled office spaces, cumbersome work flows and out-of-date technology are huge frustrations. Added to that is lack of natural sunlight and high levels of noise. When creating a workspace design, we focus on improving all of these areas significantly so that employees can experience fulfilment and wellness instead of stress and repression.

Workplace Productivity

Comfort and support are essential when it comes to functional office furnishings. The right furniture can both enhance the décor and style of a room as well as improve the ergonomic experience of the person sitting on it. Thanks to the choice furnishings available, the Giant Leap team will be able to find the best suited pieces for any office environment from the Avant Garde to the minimalist.

Take a look at how we have weaved design and functionality effortlessly together in these office space deigns now. View our portfolio here.

How do you create a productive office space?

Creating a more productive environment is a subtle art that can be tackled alone, however if you really want to make a marked impact to your employee’s daily experience as well as your bottom line, we recommend calling professionals like Giant Leap.

We put people first, in everything we do. By treating people well, it allows them to do their best work and that is the ethos from which we start with every project. We help our clients, both in South Africa and abroad, to develop spaces that are innovative, uplifting and made for the future.

People are at the heart of everything we do; everything we design.

Giant Leap, welcome to a better place.