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Office Design Trends That Will Dominate

The office of the future is upon us, and it’s not just because of pandemic-related necessity. We are now a global village, more connected than ever to each other, and different markets all over the world. Because of this, we’ve had to shift the way we do things in our working lives – whether employee or business owner. This shift has seen many new trends rising as the office becomes less a place of simple churn, and more of a place of high collaboration, with data in place, for bigger business achievements, and stratospheric growth.

Yes, those trends are many, but there are a specific few that look to particularly stand the test of time, and so become the dominating features of the new way of working.

Let’s detail some here, specifically when it comes to office design trends.

Office Design Trends

The new directive of working is that it’s more important now to be able to do it in collaborative, comfortable, and habitable spaces.

Here are some dominating office design trends that look set to be part of the new normal, moving forward.

Joined by Tech

The tech we use to do business is the nucleus around which all other processes revolve. Tech dictates processes, communication, and the data we use to guide us to better business decisions. Offices, then, will continue to become designed for technology.

The aforementioned processes will, more and more, be moved to the cloud. And the infrastructure this creates will mean that remote-working and flexibility for employees will do much to enhance happiness and wellness.


As human beings, we have an innate desire to be connected to nature. It makes us feel calmer and more in tune with living. Plants also clean the air and increase oxygen for better concentration and alertness. Not to mention the simple fact that greenery and plants please our eyes.

So, office design trends will increasingly shift toward the introduction of nature into all spaces, to tap into that biophilia that every human has, and in the process, make the office a better place to be for a long working day.


With all this in mind, it’s inevitable then that the office will become more of a calming and relaxed space, and less of a cold and clinical one. To better achieve this office design trends will start to include hyper-comfort in the office. Lending it the feeling of home, to promote happiness and well-being. Employees that are happy, well and comfortable, produce better quality work.

Office design trends, then, will include allowing people to choose where and how they work.

The office of the future is already here. Like we mentioned, pandemic aside, this is the new way of working that was inevitable, and mostly because tech and infrastructure now allows us to implement office design trends that favour the working contingent. And again, happy, comfortable and well employees, working in offices they’re happy to go to everyday, and spend a large part of their day, are employees that will always give of their best. That’s a precious asset to have.

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