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Things To Consider When Going Back To The Office

When you consider having to trade in your video call pyjama pants for a crisp, ironed shirt, and needing to forego that extra 30-minute snooze you had become so accustomed to, going back to the office can seem quite unalluring.

You made the transition once already – to working from home. Now, with continuous developments and progress around the pandemic, and restrictions increasing in lenience, many of us are faced with another transition – going back to the office.

We’ve got you covered with 4 tips on what to consider to help you smoothly transition back into the office.

How do I prepare for going back to work?

Preparing to get back to the office can, understandably, be a source of significant anxiety and stress for many people. Forfeiting just-learned work-from-home routines for unfamiliar office spaces which have also had to transform to keep up with the requirements of a new work world.

All you need though is preparation and a plan to enable you to overcome any hesitations or anxiety you may be experiencing about this big shift.

Get a lay of the land

A lot of the time, our stress or anxiety about an upcoming event emanates from our fear of the unknown.

When thinking about coming back to work, eliminate the fear of the unknown by equipping yourself with as much information and as many answers as you can, about the new reality you are heading into.

Ask your employer questions about the new setup, protocols, and expectations. If possible visit the office ahead of your scheduled return, to get familiar with the space and in the process, decrease anxiety about rearranged office spaces. Having a sense of what you are going into will help to quell anxiety about the space and allow you to mentally prepare for it.

Update your routine

Now that you’ll be heading back to work, you need a new routine that reflects that.

Start thinking about ways to bridge your current routine with your back-to-the-office one, but start slow. Change is much easier to swallow when it’s taken in small sips rather than a gulp. So start by waking up earlier and picking out your outfit the night before so you have less to worry about on the day.

Think about what aspects of your old routine might have changed, like the amount of time needed to commute to work, and make accommodations for that into your new routine.

Find opportunities for flexibility

If anything is the new norm, it is flexibility. And for those going back to work, flexibility will help you to ease back into the office and possibly establish a new work setup that allows you to still be productive while maintaining a degree of autonomy.

Find out if it is possible to work remotely for a few days and in the office the rest of the week. When preparing to go back to work, being able to maintain somewhat of a flexible schedule can go a long way in easing your transition back to work.

This flexibility goes both ways though, as your employer has to support your transition back to work and the business as well. So try to be accommodating of changes that, more likely than not, will occur. Remember we’re all in this together when it comes to adapting to getting back to work.

Put yourself first

While it was once easy to get lost under a pile of paperwork at the office, we now know that we can work better and be more productive if we manage our time more effectively and also take care of our well-being.

As you return back to the office, don’t regress into old habits of neglecting your well-being. Take breaks, adapt your schedule or speak to your employer about ways to support your well-being.

So much has changed, particularly in the world of work, since the onset of the pandemic. This means returning to the office is not as simple an endeavour as it once was.

In the meantime, read more from Giant Leap for custom office design that will get you excited about the office again.

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