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Tips To Planning An Office Interior Design

The office is no longer a place where people come just to wade through the work they get paid for. Now it’s a place that must be designed to be one they’re like to want to occupy so that they can lend their tasks the care and dedication that will make your clients exceedingly happy. So, nowadays, office space planning is vital – with it, businesses can become better at being comfortable for their people so that everyone is enabled to do their jobs better.

But what is office space planning, and what are some of the features to it that you can quickly and easily implement?

Let’s detail some here.

What is office space planning?

Office space planning is a part of interior design that looks to modernise the office and make it a place of higher productivity.

Office planning and design, however, needn’t be an expensive, time-consuming endeavour. There are some very simple steps to take to make your office a space your people will love coming back to every day and occupying.

Try these top tips.

Take away discomfort

Discomfort is one of the main contributors to employee health issues, and so is their unhappiness at work. Chairs that are uncomfortable, desks that aren’t aligned right for different kinds of bodies and spines, and old and worn office furniture will make it hard for anyone to be relaxed enough to do their job properly.

So, remove old or poorly made desks, chairs, and pieces of furniture. Always go ergonomic, because top-quality office equipment, even though perhaps pricier to start, will lower the costs of healthcare for your people, and keep them happy and working hard – because they can.

Promote collaboration

It’s our human nature to interact with each other, inspire each other, and benefit from each other’s creative energy. So, make sure you have spaces where your workforce can come together to collaborate, and solve problems in teams.

The focus that can come with fun collaboration, is one that will ensure that productivity inevitably improves.

Make space flexible

At work, your people are tasked to be constantly inspired. Much of what triggers inspiration is the space they’re in. It should go without saying, then, that an uninspired workspace can be a real creativity sapper. And the quickest way for a workspace to become dreary, is by making it the fixed space at which your people must stay to get things done.

An excellent way to inspire and bring back focus, is to design your office to promote movement and dynamism. This can be achieved by crafting space for specific tasks, like brainstorming. And then including areas for rest.

Lighten up the joint

We’ve mentioned in previous posts how vital good lighting is. We’ll say it again here, because good light at the office, and preferably good natural light, if possible, can revitalise a space, and re-energize a room.

What’s more, with most people working from screens, ample illumination is a must to reduce eyestrain, and the headaches and discomfort that can accompany it.

And that’s it – a quick top tip guide for you to help you better implement a good dose of office space planning. Just these simple tweaks do wonders for office morale, so start small, and you’ll be that much closer to having an office that’s a great place to spend time.

If you want to find out more about how you can make your office a better place, contact Giant Leap today.

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