Workplace Designers

You may be asking yourself as a business owner now enjoying the new working world that is remote – and the possibility of doing away with office spaces, rent and leases it brings – why you need to be worrying about workplace design.

Sure, the ways of working have changed – we don’t need to rely on an established office. We’re hyperconnected, so we can work anywhere, anytime and mostly on our own flexible terms.

But as the world made the shift to mostly remote, new concepts to maintaining employee health, well-being and productivity – some we may never have even considered – have come along for the ride.

The fact of the matter is, the established workplace isn’t going anywhere yet. Yes, it’ll be used differently, but it won’t be entirely disregarded.

And we know this now because our employees have told us. In a remote situation, on a day to day, although flexibility has been novel and good, other factors like isolation, mental health struggles and the need to collaborate and confer occasionally, have come to the fore.

These are factors that can only be present in an office situation.

Giant Leap is aware of the remaining, intrinsic need for an office space that not only gives comfort and convenience in modernity, but that provides people with a space to interact – a basic human need.

What is the best way to design an office?

First and foremost, an office must inspire.

To inspire, an office must be equipped with three fundamental features:

  • Employee health and wellness at its core
  • Technological capabilities and infrastructure
  • A focus on collaboration and teamwork

Even as the global working processes move toward being remote, the office will continue to exist as a ready hub, where people can come together, find inspiration and revel in comfort and modernity.

Without the above three factors, though, factors that can only be competently established with the help of workplace design consultants schooled in the knowledge of such, the efficacy of an inspiring, happy office may fall flat.

Who are the best workplace interior designers?

Great and impressive strides have been made in workplace interior design.

Giant Leap, however, is the premier workplace design specialist, able to consistently design and build corporate interiors locally and internationally that inspire efficient and innovative work.

What’s more, Giant Leap are the workplace design consultants that design with a green workspace in mind, and with environmental and social responsibility at the fore.

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