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What millennials want from the workplace

They demand instant gratification. They love strange social media trends. They sometimes have a baffling collective mindset. They’re millennials – the new generational faction that’s continued to be somewhat enigmatic for the older guard of society. But more significantly, the older guard running the world’s more established corporations.

Millennials are the future, though – especially for business.

No other generational spear is more privy to the technological zeitgeist that’s happening in most working sectors of the world right now. It’s easy to see, then, that millennials are the contingent of possible staff that must be catered to accordingly, so that they may inject into our businesses, what we at Giant Leap are calling a ‘millennial magic’ – hard-work, innovation and technological understanding that borders wizardry.

But what do millennials want from the workplace? Well, whether you’re a millennial boss yourself, or part of the senior guard, understanding this is all-important to the prosperity of your business.

Here are three of the most important desires for millennials in the workforce:

Remote work options

 Old news, right? Seeing as though the notion of a remote workforce has been being entertained and pondered upon for the better part of the last five years – perhaps more. And even more apt, given the arrival of 2020’s unwelcome coronavirus accompaniment and the global shove into remote working it gave us.

Regardless, millennials have been telling us how much the option of remote working means to them, and imploring us to adopt it.

It’s a given, then, that even as lockdown levels loosen, this new way of life must continually be baked into your business processes.

Millennials will say, ‘See? It works.’

And they’re absolutely right.

 A business that has collaboration at its core

 By collaboration, we mean collaboration in culture – so, personal development, a company that shares values on socio-economic factors, a company that innovates and is progressive to touchpoints outside of what that company might be providing.

Millennials in the workplace want to know a company has their best interests at heart – where they feel their professional development is as important as a bottomline.

Millennials in the world, take the various issues facing our society very seriously. Millennials in the workforce are exactly the same. Most vital, they want to know that the company they work for shares their view on anything from the importance of being ‘green’, to the weighty affect company culture and it’s harmony can have on workplace happiness.

Mentorship and a nurturing leadership

One feature to millennials in the workplace, is that they’re fiercely loyal.

Another feature to millennials in the workplace, is that they can be unashamedly fickle.

And isn’t that a hefty juxtaposition?

It’s been commonly seen that millennials in the workplace will seek many reasons that indicate to them that a business is impressive, and must be taken seriously. Once that feature is identified, they can accept staying long-term.

One of the most prominent reasons is a leadership that seeks to nurture and mentor.

In this regard, millennials in the workplace find value in:

  • Regular training
  • Clarity on exactly what it is they need to know to do their job right
  • Reasonable deadlines
  • Clear goals
  • A leadership contingent that wants to see them succeed, and that is continually committed to helping them to do so

For a workforce that is still being seen as an enigma, the underlying need of millennials in the workplace can possibly be pinned-down to one very special feature – belonging. They’re a faction that wants to be part of something bigger – to be part of a mission. And if they find it, they’re the staff faction that’s going to ensure your business sustains for the foreseeable future.

Overall, then, what do millenials want from the workplace?

The answer is clear: a sense of purpose.

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