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Workplace Productivity

Too often, companies focus merely on numbers and forget to pay attention to the wellness and creativity of their people. When it comes to workplace productivity, at Giant leap we understand that productivity is directly linked to your workspace design. By refurbishing your office into a cutting-edge, modern, and comfortable space which will allow people to feel valued and more willing to do their best, you will see a direct impact on your bottom line.

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What is workplace productivity?

Productivity is measured in the corporate world by analysing output. For every business, output is different. For a coffee shop, output might be measured by the number of customers served whereas in a large corporation output would be linked to every single employee’s job description and what they are employed to do. No matter what the industry or the business type, output and, ultimately productivity, is something that every company strives to improve.

One sure-fire way of improving productivity in the workplace is by ensuring you have an environment that enhances employee satisfaction. That can be achieved by creating an office space that is conducive to comfort, creativity, and overall employee wellness.

How to improve productivity in the workplace?

Every company will be able to come up with strategies to increase productivity in the workplace in terms of the services they offer. However, at Giant Leap, we have seen, firsthand, that there are workplace productivity tools you can implement to increase the output of your people.

When it comes to workplace productivity tips for design when refurbishing the office, we suggest focussing on these elements first:

  • Improve the natural lighting in the office by increasing the window space and also using more natural lighting techniques.
  • Allow for a more moderate temperature to flow through the office instead of it being icy cold or stuffy.
  • Improve the technology and flow in the office to ensure better connectivity and the ability for your employees to stay connected and collaborate easier.
  • Reconsider the colours, finishes, and décor of a space to create a more modern, calming, and inspiring workplace.

These are all aspects of workspace design that the Giant Leap team will be able to consult and advise a business on. We are able to redesign your workplace to maximise on space, improve working conditions and décor, and design a contemporary space that greatly improves employee happiness and creativity.

There are a few other things you can do as a business to improve productivity as well;

  • Treat employees better – knowing who they are and where they come from a small example of getting to know your employees in order for them to feel more valued and understood
  • Invest in training – people feel more valued when you invest in their minds and in their expertise
  • Incentives work – human nature enjoys striving to achieve something. If you incentivise people, they tend to try harder to achieve that incentive and win.
  • Make sure people have what they need to work well – not allowing people the right tools and technology to effectively do their jobs is a huge barrier in allowing them to achieve their goals. If you want people to be more productive and work faster, make sure they have the tools to do that.
  • Always take time to celebrate – whether it’s for a 40th or for winning the pitch on a new account, always take time out to celebrate wins; big or small. Employees love recognition and it fosters a better team connection when you take a lunch break to celebrate what you’ve achieved.

Our goal at Giant Leap is to holistically help you improve your workspace. We do this through innovative designs which put people at the forefront of the project. Our creations will ensure that your employees feel more valued, inspired, and able to do their best work.

We have worked for clients both locally and internationally on improving their workspace and thus their productivity. Take a detailed look at our portfolio to see our latest work in action.

Giant Leap, welcome to a better place

We are a black woman owned interior design firm that puts people at the heart of what we do. Our ethos is a simple one; if you treat people well, they will work hard for you. Treating people well in the context of what we do is to create inspired décor and interior designs that make people feel welcome from the minute they step inside. From improved work flow to contemporary designs that ignite creativity, we are able to design a blueprint for your workplace that will improve output and employee satisfaction.

People are at the heart of everything we do; everything we design.

Giant Leap, welcome to a better place.