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Avoid Going Back To The Old Dated Workspace Post-COVID

The largest part of 2020 has been somewhat of a dark time for most of us – if only because the vast majority of us have been holed up at home.

Yes, when the directive came that brick and mortar offices, venues and shops were to shut their doors – and if anybody could work from home, that would be the new day-to-day – we collectively experienced an unprecedented shift in ‘normal’ life as we knew it.

Now, because of what lockdown has revealed, it’s obvious that the way we do business all over the world, will never be the same. Due to our hyperconnected society, it’s been proven that now is just the right time to become a remote-working society, and that looks set to be the future directive.

So, the question remains, will the concept of an office still exist as we move forward with this ‘new normal?’

At Giant Space, we think it certainly will. For, what we’ve actually seen, is that modern tech capability and infrastructure aside, humans need human contact, connectedness and the opportunity to work collaboratively.

Having said that though, we do agree that the office certainly won’t be what it is now, only an iteration of the concept, so that a hybrid of remote and office work can come to the fore as the most productive option.

Will office spaces be redesigned post covid-19?

Yes. Although office spaces may no longer be the bustling hubs they once were, they’ll still exist, just redesigned to align with the protocols of safety and social distancing.

They may also become pared down, more sparse and exist only as an option for the implementation of vital collaboration between the teams that drive innovation and product development.

Dynamic over fixed

If remote working has shown us anything it’s that gone are the days for the need of an established and solely owned office space – and the expenses and commitments that go with such spaces.

Workspaces post-COVID will most likely be shared – this is the option for multiple businesses to operate from a single hub. Each benefitting from an entirely reduced rent (you only pay for the space you use), and the fact that infrastructure in these offices is largely setup and ready to use – Wi-Fi, telephonic and spatial, as examples. 

This type of dynamic office also means that tenants need not commit to unrealistic and unreasonably rental commitments – a space is rented for as long as it’s needed.

Function over mass collaboration

Vast amounts of boardrooms, scrum rooms, chill areas and meeting spaces must be pared down, as function overtakes mass collaboration.

The future office is one part of a hybrid remote-office symbiosis. It’s an option for teams that need to collaborate to come together and benefit from the creative boost and inspiration that mostly comes with a human interaction feedback loop.

Bigger meetings can stay remote, as they usually serve the purpose of function, status and regular touch-bases.

Safety above all

First and foremost, and above all, in the establishment of the modern office, is a deep-seated safety protocol.

We have no idea how long this particular pandemic may still be around. Regardless, though, a dynamic office still poses different security questions than what an established, solely owned space would. 

So, whether hygiene protocols set in place in the time of COVID-19, or simply to make sure employees feel safe in what could become a very dynamic business world, in terms of where an office is, how it operates and who is granted access, safety should still be a notion implemented above all.


Will office spaces be redesigned post covid-19? Certainly. But as stated, it would mean the implementation of a remote-shared office situation, and it would be foolish to not rise to implement the flexibility now seen to be possible.

Will workspaces post-COVID, cease to exist? At Giant Leap, we don’t think so. They’ll simply be different entities – part of a hybrid working world where remoteness is as much of a choice as the use of an office space. They’ll just be different entities altogether. 

The secret in not going back to outdated workspaces is to make sure yours is dynamic, pared down, designed to incorporate the new modernity of function over mass collaboration, and above all, safe.

At Giant Leap, we design spaces to suit your business needs, and that of your greatest asset, your people. Let us take you into the future space of office design – a better place.

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