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How To Get Employees Excited To Go Back To The Office

As more and more businesses are opening, the phrase ‘returning to work’ is becoming as popular as remote working was at the beginning of the pandemic. Heading back to the office is a reality that many employees currently face as the work world learns to adapt to the new status quo of uncertainty.

Getting employees excited to go back to the office is a challenge that many businesses are facing. Switching from the comfort and safety of remote working can be quite daunting for some, which is why Giant Leap is giving you 5 tips on ways that you can get your employees excited about going back to work.

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Safety First

Not surprisingly, one of the major concerns employees may be considering regarding going back to the office is their safety. And rightfully so as the impetus for remote working was to curb the spread of the pandemic and keep everyone safe.

To combat this concern, communication is king. To get employees feeling motivated to return to work, employers need to employ a large degree of transparency, especially pertaining to safety measures and policies enacted to ensure people are kept safe when working in the office.

Keeping your employees updated with the latest developments around the pandemic will instil confidence in your workforce that their safety matters to you, and as a result will encourage your employees to get back to the office.

Let employees ease back into the office space

Working from home gave employees a degree of autonomy as they were tasked with recreating their own workspaces at home, with an expectation to maintain previous office-level productivity.

At the risk of demotivating employees from returning to work, avoid rushing the transition back to the office. If resources allow, opt to have opportunities where employees can get reacquainted with the office space. This type of ‘soft’ opening will help employees mentally prepare to return to the workspace.

Being able to familarise themselves with the office again, and maybe even add personal touches to their workspaces so that they have something to look forward to, will go a long way in getting employees excited about returning to work.

Be Flexible

The future of work is flexibility. From full-time work models to remote working becoming the new norm, employees desire flexibility at work now more than ever. Flexibility in the form of how often employees must come into the office each week or allowing them to pick which days they come in will inspire employees to get back to the office as they get to return on a schedule that suits them best.

Workspace flexibility can be included here too. Having a diverse array of workspaces to choose from can significantly boost employee motivation to spend time in-office, by affording them a way to accomplish more and varying tasks through an optimised workspace.

Even something as seemingly simple as a more flexible dress code can help to motivate employees. While working from home, a lot of people adopted homewear as their new work uniform. A more flexible work dress code could help with getting your employees excited about getting back to work.

Get your tech up to date

With working from home, our reliance on technology bolstered, as having the right digital capabilities determined our ability to successfully work remotely.

Having facilities in-office that enable and support the use of technology, and that can support work efficiency and productivity, is the ‘welcome back to work’ many employees desire. Our increased reliance on technology means that employees will be frustrated with out-of-date or lagging systems.

To get your employees amped to get back to working in the office, provide up to date software and human-centric technology for continued productivity when they get back to work

Employee Check-ins

With all the changes that come in tow with transitioning from remote work to getting people back to the office, it stands to reason that for the best results you need to check in with the people you are trying to attract back to the office.

Find out what their desires and needs are when it comes to returning to the office. Once you have a collection of responses you can sift out what the most common needs and wants are from your workforce, for them to feel excited about returning to the office.

Now that you are equipped with the information, try, within reason of course, to accommodate and adapt to your workers’ needs so that they are guaranteed to want to get back to the office as they can see the incentive in the changes you are making.

Your employees are by far your most important resource. So when trying to get them excited about coming back, think of what will help make the transition smoother and incentivise them to return.

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