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How to improve workspaces to get the most out of your employees – especially while working remotely

The creation of a comfortable, highly productive workspace, is something of an inexact science.

The old adage, ‘you can’t please everyone’ applies particularly – which is fair, given the vast kaleidoscope of minds and personalities that no doubt make up your staff contingent.

 So, the inexactness of it would then be that not everything you do within a workspace may meet every comfort and need. But the science of it is to find a happy medium – to create minimalist spaces that help employees declutter, destress and maintain focus.

But what about the fact that many aren’t in the office right now? The new work-from-home directive has seen to that, so you may be thinking then why you would even need to be pondering the aesthetic of a largely empty office.

Well, two facts stand. The first is that directives regarding the pandemic, lockdown and isolation are changing slightly – many, under the confines of safety and health protocol will be slowly emerging and coming back to the office. So you may need to make sure it’s still the inspirational place you’ve always strived for. The second is that even though the majority will still be home, they may not know how to create a superior, tranquil workspace – you can assist with these top tips. Your business’s smooth functioning, and of course, its profitability still hinges on it’s most vital of assets – employees. They need to be comfortable and able to focus wherever they sit down, switch on and prepare to do what it is they do best.

Try adding these to your office environment, and coach your people to do the same in their workspaces at home:

Add light

A gloomy workspace is more likely to dampen spirits and cloy creativity.

It’s a given then, that a well-lit space is vital to workplace improvement and promoting heightened moods in an environment where the focus is most needed. What’s more, with most of us spending time staring at screens, a well-lit space in which to work can only be beneficial to the eye.

You’ll likely be using recommended and optimum lighting in your office, but remember, showing your people how to do it in their home office is just as illuminating

Add inspiration

Whether it be your company ethos or your mission statement adorning your wallspace, inspirational posters, coffee mugs that bear your business vision – or even just messages for your people to get them fired up for the workday – inspiration goes the distance when it comes to workplace improvement.

It lights fires, fuels creativity and makes us all want to achieve – do better. So make sure you spice up your office with a little bit of swagger and fire before your staff comes back – or for the few that are back.

And don’t forget to inspire, in turn, those working from home – recommend they adorn their space with whatever inspires them. It’ll do wonders in keeping them motivated while working through the often demotivating environment of isolation.

Add comfort

 Again, we’re certain that in your office setup, you made strides in finding comfortable desk chairs, ergonomically treated and built for hours of use.

It’s a feature vital to workplace improvement that centres around employee health – especially as they dedicate those hours to sitting, while making sure your organisation runs at full steam.

Make sure your chairs are recommended for lengthy use by manufacturers, and while you’re at it, check your other pieces of office furniture. Are couches ready for people again? Do your boardrooms or ‘chill areas’ promote comfort for better thinking, brainstorming and strategising?

While you’re reassessing, let your people know to do the same at home – basically, a kitchen counter chair, or a bar stool just can’t cut it as a desk chair.

You get the picture.

Add plants

 For increased productivity in the workplace, make sure your greenery is good.

Plants are known to clean up air, lower stress levels and enhance productivity. Even the addition of a focus to a dreary corner could do wonders as a workspace improvement.

And for your people working from home, tell them to do the same. Move that potted plant from the lounge to the office. A nice desk fern or orchid will do the trick.

Bringing little bits of nature into a space of focus and concentration will always inspire.

Subtract clutter

Lastly, take away the clutter.

We all have our ways of working – some enjoy an organised mess.

But cluttered spaces surely do promote cluttered minds and foggy thinking. So, at the office, make sure you encourage those who are back, to keep their spaces free of office debris like paper and wayward stationery.

And encourage your work-from-home contingent to do the same. The difference between working at a decluttered desk and one piled atop with last year’s reports goes the distance in ensuring focus.

At Giant Leap, we believe working well is good business. Workspace improvement promotes an atmosphere of productivity, so as you prepare the office for some staff to return, prepare your people working from home, too. It’ll help their well-being – mental and physical. And it’ll be beneficial for your organisation’s health, as we traverse the ‘new normal’ of business.

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