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How Your Workspace Impacts Employee Well-being

Your office workspace is an extension of your overall business. It shouldn’t only be the place where you and your people collaborate, ideate, and implement the products or services for which you’re renowned, but it should also be a place of comfort, and accessibility.

And because many different people, with many different requirements, may work with you (or want to work with you), you have to make sure that your office is a place that’s exceedingly welcoming, and easily navigable, for one and all.

So, that means that you must ensure your workspace design is fully inclusive, for occupants that may have mobility or physical impairments and who may need to easily move about in wheelchairs or with walkers or canes.

We have some top tips here on how to improve your office workspace, increase its accessibility, and ensure your business stays fully inclusive

Office Workspace

It’s simple to create a fully accessible atmosphere in your office. All that’s needed is proper attention to the details that those not living with disabilities, through no fault of their own, of course, could take for granted.

Let’s have a look at some of the most pressing areas that can be quickly fixed to be entirely accessible for all:

Office Workspace Floorplan

This point is two-fold.

Offices are generally open plan these days, so you’ll need to create ample space between departments or desk clusters so that anyone can safely and easily move around the entire office workspace.

What’s more, desks themselves should be at the optimum height – usually around 68 – 70 centimetres from the ground – to allow chairs or assisting equipment like canes or wheelchairs to pass under with ample clearance or be stored. Adjustable desks are available and are a good way to make sure each employee is comfortable and able to properly work at all times.

Entrances & Doorways

Your office workspace entrance and the doorways inside, are usually the first indication of your accessibility and inclusivity.

These must be wide enough for wheelchair access, and easy to open or operate for everybody in the space.

If the doors are automatic, make sure the sensors are calibrated for all heights, and if they have push-button function, these buttons must be easy to reach.

Screens & Displays

In the hyper-connected digital world of business today, offices can connect employees and clients to business and product information that’s been seamlessly migrated to the cloud. This means that screens, collaborative tools, and devices will be used more.

A modicum of care, though, must be employed when allowing full access to these – in terms of where they’re installed, and how safely they’re positioned. Make sure screens and devices such as useful tools for employees are positioned at a reasonable height and are within reach for those in seated positions. Lastly, ensure they’re installed close to the wall, safely out of the way, to reduce interference or injury.

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