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Office Utilisation Vs Office Efficiency

Office utilisation and office efficiency are factors that impact productivity, communication, creativity, and health.

A healthy working environment offers proper ventilation, private spaces to promote productivity, and open spaces that promote creativity and communication.

These terms both refer to office space and its usage. Poor use of space can cost your business money on property, utilities, and maintenance fees.

Keep reading to learn about office utilisation and ways to improve workplace efficiency.

What is Office Utilisation?

Office utilisation is a measure of how often you use certain office spaces or how occupied they are at a given time. For instance, if your employees use a conference room for only 4 of the available 8 hours during the workday, its utilisation is 50%.

Similarly, if a room can hold 10 people but only has 6, its utilisation is 60%. Since this figure is usually given as a percentage, it can’t be less than zero or more than one hundred.

While a room that is never used has a 0% utilization, one that is fully booked has a measure of 100%.

Ultimately, office space utilisation tells you a lot about how your employees are interacting with space and whether any of it is being wasted. After all, with the significant costs that come with renting out office space, you need every square metre of space to count.

What is Office Efficiency?

Office efficiency is the square meter of office space each employee has to work. It is calculated by dividing the usable amount of office space you have by the number of employees who use it.

When calculating this figure, you can either use the total number of employees or the number of those who are present. While the former route will give you what is called the total space efficiency, the latter gives you the actual efficiency.

Usually, the total space efficiency is used in office space planning and gives you a benchmark that you can compare with others. On the other hand, the actual efficiency comes in handy when you’re checking out spaces with empty desks.

Whichever you go with though, you need to compare it with the industry standard to ensure that it is within reason. However, if improving efficiency is a goal, keep in mind that most office employees require between 14  to 23  square metres.

How to Improve Workplace Efficiency?

Both office space utilization and efficiency have a major role to play in improving efficiency in the workplace. You just have to tweak these metrics to suit your situation.

For instance, in an office space where efficiency is low yet utilization is high, you can safely assume that there is a high unmet demand for such spaces and adjust accordingly. To improve workplace efficiency, you could provide your employees with similar spaces in the same building or relocate some of the staff to another building.

And in a case where office efficiency is high but utilisation is low, it could be deduced that the office space simply doesn’t satisfy the employee’s needs and isn’t conducive for productivity. Now whether this means you will completely get rid of the area or simply upgrade it is up to you.

Ultimately, both these metrics are linked to employee comfort, satisfaction, and productivity. As such, you should give them the weight they deserve. Otherwise, you stand to lose your employees, money, or even the value of your real estate portfolio.

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