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The Anatomy Of Good Coworking Space Design 

The anatomy of a good coworking space has multiple benefits for both employers and employees. Learn more about the anatomy of a good workspace design.

Employees are the heartbeat of any organisation, and workplaces today need to support the wants and needs of the new generation of personnel. A shared workspace design that inspires and increases productivity is not only nice to have but a necessity if you want to attract and keep top talent.

How is coworking shaping the future?

Back in the day, corridors of individual offices were the trend, but this is no longer the norm. This change has shaped many workplaces. The dramatic shift has led to the transformation of old, drab offices into modern, inspired coworking spaces.

According to a recent survey, by 2025 millennials will represent 75% of the workplace. And this new generation of workers is specific in what they want in a workspace – innovation. This means that employers have a better chance at retaining their employees if they adapt, and accommodate flexibility.

What is the concept of coworking space?

The concept of coworking is relatively new. It involves the sharing of office space by workers of different companies and people who are self-employed. This new way of collaborative workspace design provides a cooperative environment for employees. People come together in a neutral space to work individually on a project or in groups to meet a deadline.

Employers can reduce the need for an entire office block by accommodating their teams in coworking spaces, fostering interaction. Coworking allows companies to reduce operational costs by finding a place that offers all the amenities at cheaper rates. Coworking spaces cost 30-50% less than conventional offices in South Africa.

What are the benefits of a good coworking space?

A collaborative workspace design has an ambience of its own that workers need to experience to understand; the openness creates a relaxed and stress-free environment for most people. And a happy employee is a productive one. Working in a coworking space also allows workers to be close to potential clients, business hubs and shops.

A good coworking space design creates a productive and innovative work environment. Sound relationships are formed in co-working spaces because like-minded people come together. Over time this builds into a community that gives people a sense of belonging.

It also improves employee morale. People who cowork have higher levels of enthusiasm and motivation than their office-based counterparts.

What to consider in a workspace design?

While the primary purpose of a good coworking space design is, of course, to provide an environment to work in, it needs to also be conducive for other purposes. A good design goes beyond tearing down walls; it has to be well-designed, comfortable and inspiring. It encourages networking, autonomy and higher levels of productivity.

With a variety of professionals sharing a space, areas designated for privacy and quiet time are necessary. Equally important are rooms where everyone can mingle and collaborate.

A workspace designer needs to tailor-make areas for specific activities. There is no one-size-fits-all model. The workspace design is functional yet comfortable, catering for impromptu and formal meetings, project collaboration rooms, individual workspaces and pause areas.

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