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What Do Employees Want From Their Office Design? 

The concept of the role of the office isn’t what it used to be.

Whether agency, corporate, or many an industry in-between, the office was once that no-nonsense, get-down-to-business space, we all sat in traffic commuting to, and in which we existed and wandered all day until the clock struck five.

Not anymore, though.

Now, the office is a living, breathing organism alive with people, energy, dynamism. We’ve found ways to make the office a safe space, where people can come and go, and safely distance – it’s no longer the directive that your assigned desk is where you live during office hours. And it’s not only because this new way is a more inspirational, productive process, but these days, in times of a pandemic, it’s simply safer.

And we’ve seen that we can certainly make it work.

Office Workspace Design

So, many businesses the world over have embraced this new working world, even introducing more flexible options in hours and availability, as well as considering and sampling the introduction of co-working spaces to their processes.

But even as flexibility reigns these days, and businesses have seen that productivity won’t necessarily falter if employees are given a modicum of choice in where and how to work, employers would do well to open the doors of communication with employees and determine what they’d like to see in their ideal workspace.

Again, inspiration very often comes from freedom of choice, and so creativity and unstifled productivity may follow.

How Does Office Design Affect Employees?

Your people will be spending the better of their day at work – it stands to reason, then, that keeping a workspace interior comfortable and in harmony, will keep employees healthy, happy and productive.

But there are specifics to what many would ideally like to see in their place of work. And although some are specific to individuals, research has indicated three specifics to overall workspace interior comfort, that most deem extra vital to their productivity.

Let’s talk around them here:

Their Own Space

It’s important for your employees to feel comfortable and safe in their place of work. This means that when they’re at their workstation, they should be able to, essentially, make themselves at home.
Personalising their workspace means heightened contentedness because they can surround themselves with the things that make them feel themselves. An unrestricted workspace lets them concentrate on doing what it is they do best.

Air Quality

Many who work in a poorly ventilated space, or a space with less than perfect air quality, have reported symptoms of sleepiness, fatigue, irritability, and thus, low productivity.
Having good air circulation doesn’t have to be an expensive part of office workspace design. Simply, open your office up to the world. Open windows, create space, reduce an office’s claustrophobic points – because when brains get good oxygen, bodies become energised, and great work gets done.

Good Light

Poor lighting in your office space isn’t only a mood dampener – it can lead to discomfort in the body, and maybe even some troubling medical conditions for individuals later in life.

Dingy offices lead to squinting and hunching over screens, and thus the headaches, aches and pains, and poor posture that inevitable come. What’s more, an office that employs good, natural light, promotes employee happiness in the day – a good bright office workspace design, simply, enhances the mood.

Are you looking to improve your office workspace design for the benefit of your people? Giant Leap is your premier workspace designer. We’ll help you determine what your employees need to get their best work done, and we’ll advise on the best way to implement these features.

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Who are Giant Leap?

We are a proudly South African, black woman owned consultancy at the cutting-edge of design right now. Our team of interior designers, project managers and architects are driven by our company ethos of putting people first. We begin every project from the belief that if you treat people well, they will give you their best. By creating office interiors that allow them to function without barriers thanks to excellence in design, the latest in technology, and the best in colour and décor, your people will do their best work.

Allow our team of innovative interior architects to partner with you on your office refurbishment and to create a corporate space that is both exceptional and engaging.

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