Giant Leap design and build corporate interiors that inspire efficient and innovative work.

What we do

Workspace Consultancy

Imagine if a team of skilled design consultants could come in and revamp your offices into highly-efficient and contemporary work spaces? Well, you don’t have to imagine it because that is exactly what we do at Giant Leap. We are a workspace consultancy firm that dedicates every design we create to improving the lives, and ultimately, the production levels of people.

We take what you have and what you do, and through our variety of workplace consulting services, turn it into something spectacular. Choose Giant Leap as the workplace design consultant team you can trust to deliver inspired and inspiring spaces.

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What is workspace consultancy?

Workspace consulting is not simply about putting the right chair in the right place, it’s a specialised skill that requires the ability to gather information and examine it holistically in order to design a new office layout that can help a business and its people function more efficiently.

There are specific methods involved in workplace solutions consulting. At Giant Leap, we have perfected our process over almost 10 years in the business. Here are the key elements that we analyse and aim to enhance as one of SA’s leading workplace efficiency consultant companies;

Your People

By understanding your workforce, we are able to tap into your most valuable asset. Your people spend most of their time at work, and if they are not feeling valued, supported and even uplifted in their work areas, then it will have a negative effect on their moral and their output.

We never design a one size fits all office, but rather look at every new project as a blank canvas. We find out what it will take, from a design standpoint, to create a space in which your employees can thrive – focussing on places that will improve their wellness and their willingness.

Your Space

Taking every inch of your office space and optimising it for now and for tomorrow, is what we do. We design ingenious work areas that make full use of the space you already have. We also make sure we take into account where the company is going in the future in our design plan. We do not only advise on spacial planning but on work flow management, flexible environments and collaborative enhancements too.

The Final Product

Combining a deep understanding of what would make your people happy with an innovative blueprint of your new maximised space, your final product will be born. Since 2011, we have been putting our masterful methods of design into practice, putting people first and spaces second. The result is a beautiful combination of inspired and inspiring spaces.

View our portfolio for range of workspace revamps we’ve undertaken for clients recently. We are proud of the work we have done and happy to show it off to you now.

Who are Giant Leap?

We are a proudly South African, black woman owned consultancy at the cutting-edge of design right now. Our team of interior designers, project managers and architects are driven by our company ethos of putting people first. We begin every project from the belief that if you treat people well, they will give you their best. By creating office interiors that allow them to function without barriers thanks to excellence in design, the latest in technology, and the best in colour and décor, your people will do their best work.

Allow our team of innovative interior architects to partner with you on your office refurbishment and to create a corporate space that is both exceptional and engaging.

People are at the heart of everything we do; everything we design.

Giant Leap, welcome to a better place.