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Ergonomics is a term often heard when redesigning an office space, but do you really know what it means? Having an ergonomically-sound working environment means that the furniture and finishes you choose to work on and with, promote a healthy and suitable way to sit, stand and go about other daily activities on. The most commonly looked at area when creating an ergonomic plan for the office is workspace office furniture.

As experts in design, we are skilled at assisting our client to choose the best workspace furniture for their area in order to promote health and wellbeing of their staff, whilst still looking contemporary and beautiful.

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What is workspace office furniture?

From desks and chairs to boardroom tables and reception chairs, anything and everything that your staff or your clients may need to sit on or work with is considered workspace commercial furniture. It is very important to use a specialised team of interior designers like Giant Leap to help you find the right kind furniture and furnishings for your brand.

What is the importance of having good office furniture?

We’ve mentioned that good health and employee happiness are the result of having good furniture. There must be nothing more demotivating then sitting at a desk that causes you pain for eight hours a day. When we consult to our clients on the furniture and finishing’s element of their design plan, we often spend a bit more time on the modern workspace furniture decisions. This is because it’s essential to get the right ones for the business and the brand.

Take a look at these tips for choosing the right furniture;

Does it fit?

Just because you love it doesn’t mean it necessarily right for you space. Always make sure that the desks, chairs and other furniture you chose for your office fits the space you have available.

Is it practical?

You might love the large, oak receptionist desk that is stained in cherry rose but is it practical for your office? Never choose a furniture item based on aesthetics only, always take into account the practicality of your space and if it would work for your people.

Does it offer longevity and value?

If you’re going for cheaper is better, you may be sorry. Cheaper products might cost you less now but when they break in a few months’ time, you’ll be back at the store having to buy another one again. Choose items that offer good value for money and have a warranty of some sort.

Would you want to sit on it?

Choosing a comfortable piece of furniture is as easy as asking yourself, would I sit on it? If the answer is no, you’re pretty much guaranteed that your employees’ wont either. Aesthetics, practicality and value aside, a piece of collaborative workspace furniture, or even an individual piece, should be comfortable above all else.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest and smallest brands in the business, both in South Africa and abroad and have been able to source a range of workplace furniture and fittings for each project. View how we’ve put these furnishings together into a final product:

People are at our heart

Our ethos is clear and simple; if you treat people well, they will do their best work for you. We put people at the front of every design project we take on, asking ourselves how our design of a new office space can help a company’s employees feel and work better.

As a black woman owned company in business since 2011, we have had the privilege of working on many exciting international and local interior design projects. We create superior interiors that allow people to feel creative, productive and important.

People are at the heart of everything we do; everything we design.

Giant Leap, welcome to a better place.