It all adds up to working in the space you want far sooner than you think!

Do you think that working in the space you really need, with the kind of furniture you really want is way out of reach because of cash constraints?
Think again!

A state-of-the art office IS possible with furniture and fit-out from Giant Leap in association with Fintech’s rental offering.

Businesses have to use their cash for important capital expenses – expenses that should generate core business activities. Fitting out office space and buying furniture is not considered a key investment. And taking out a loan from a bank for office expenses ties up credit lines which may be needed for future important capital expenses!

Office fit-out rentals is the smart solution. This allows companies to equip their space in order to perform at optimum levels, while still holding on to cash – an essential consideration in uncertain economic times.


By using the Office Rental Fit-Out product, a business can negotiate the rental period that suits them best, and enjoy a host of important business benefits.

By acquiring the right furniture that is space-efficient, suits particular needs and requirements, a business can potentially save a fortune in space and rent. As much as one third of space can be saved – a cost which could more than cover the cost of the furniture rental.

A further plus is that saving on office meterage can also translate into savings on operating costs, rates and electricity.


In order to maintain a competitive edge and work efficiently, companies will make sure they trade in their leased equipment after a few years – including everything from leased cars to photocopiers.

Office fit-out and furniture should be no different – we allow clients to upgrade, update and refresh their office space with new modern fit-outs and furniture.

This ensures businesses keep up with the times and ensure that their work premises continue to reflect their business strategy.

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