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Going Green at the office

13 Dec 2016, Posted by Leah Barnard in Latest News

Sustainability is the new buzzword – both at work, and at home. Consumers are quickly going ‘green’, and are demanding that companies do as well. Naturally, no company can claim to be environmentally friendly if their own premises do not reflect a thoughtful approach to…

How To Engage the Disengaged

13 Oct 2015, Posted by Leah Barnard in Latest News

Fact: Disengaged workers make-up 87 percent of the global workforce – according to research independently conducted by both Gallup and Steelcase. “Engagement is not entirely based on happiness, but rather how invested an employee feels in the larger company goals”, says Osorio Ramos, Managing Director…

Save your bottom (line) with employee wellbeing

13 Oct 2015, Posted by Leah Barnard in Latest News

Have you ever spent the day at work but never actually achieved anything? Have no fear, you are not alone.  Due to poor workplace wellbeing, presenteeism is a phenomenon spreading far and wide across the globe and is a result of disengaged employees who present…