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As Good as a Holiday – If It’s Managed Correctly

13 Dec 2013, Posted by Leah Barnard in Latest News

Change. We all go through it. Some of us embrace it and some of us hide under our desks, hoping desperately that it will go away. There’s no escaping from change these days and in fact, many companies are redesigning workspaces or moving offices with…

The Benefits of Green Leases

22 Nov 2013, Posted by Leah Barnard in Latest News

“Going green” is a term that we can’t escape from: not as innocent consumers of media constantly bombarded by “green” sales pitches from companies, nor as business owners and corporate workers where we’re judged on our green credentials. There’s no doubt that the more sustainably…

Going Green: It’s in, but is it perennial?

15 Nov 2013, Posted by Leah Barnard in Latest News

The greening revolution is a fad, and the term “greening” is a fatuous one. These are probably not words that you would expect from a “greenie”. However, the truth is that “going green” has come to mean very little in the corporate world where the…