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How to optimise your work environment

23 Feb 2017, Posted by Leah Barnard in Latest News

Offices are evolving and with this evolution comes a new way of understanding how to optimise your workspace. What do you now need to consider when designing your office and how will this affect the space? What is the best way to optimise the space…

Such is the extent of “human spam”, also known as endless interruptions from colleagues, that many offices are now creating “do not disturb” zones so people can get quality work done. Linda Trim, director at Giant Leap, a workplace specialist who consults across Africa, said…

The boardroom of the future

22 Feb 2017, Posted by Leah Barnard in Latest News

The idea of the boardroom is changing. The stagnant notion of a closed-off space with officials in suits sitting around a table is falling away. Instead, the concept of collaboration is taking over. It’s the buzz word of the future, and the key concept businesses…