Office Design

Excellent office design breaks the boundaries of colour and décor to create workspaces that enhance employee wellness and maximise creativity and productivity. At Giant Leap we understand that every client we meet is looking for more than just well-matched interiors, they are looking for guidance in creating a modern office design that will set them apart from their competitors and, most importantly, ensure that their employees are as efficient as possible.

For nearly 10 years, the Giant Leap team has specialised in original office design ideas for our range of clients that make a huge impact on staff effectiveness by weaving contemporary comforts, with work flow efficiency and interior beauty.

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What is office design?

Office design is the process of designing a commercial space that incorporates common elements like colour, lighting and furniture with efficiency elements like spacial planning, work flow and employee wellness.

When working with the Giant Leap team, you can expect to be a part of magic in the making while we create the office design and layout you’ve always dreamed of. Taking into account what you do, what your brand purpose is and what you’d like to achieve in the future, we’ll craft an office design space layout that will reflect you and your brand perfectly; with a specific focus on creating spaces for your employees to work, collaborate and rejuvenate in.

During our generating process for office design, we take into account the following elements;


There are a few things to consider with a client when it comes to the space they have available. At our initial consultation with a client, we ask pertinent questions like are you doing a completely new build for your offices or are you wanting to refurbish existing premises? Knowing this will help us to plan for what step to take next; do we help in creating a new office layout and design plan and consult on conceptualising a space from scratch or do we start at redesigning an existing space, looking at what we already have available to work with.


Understanding which design elements the client wants to incorporate in the office is key. We ask for input in understanding what the client really wants from the final product. What does the office look like? What does it feel like? What colours and features are present? We can then go about forming a picture of what fundamentals like colours, fabrics, and feelings need to be included.


Creating eco-efficient and sustainable offices is an absolute must for many companies today. Making a space as efficient as possible so as to lower a company’s carbon footprint in the long run is part of many design plans- and rightly so. As business, our clients all want to do as much as they can to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. During our planning and design phase we take into account what systems and process can be performed in the ‘greenest’ way possible and what elements and operations we can incorporate to be as sustainable as possible.

Exceptional Elements

There is always a list of “must-haves” for every client that are not essential but are exceptional; going a long way in making the workspace an unforgettable place to work in. It might include design elements like a gym or jogging track for a client with enough space to include it, or chill-rooms and tranquil pods for clients who want to give their employee’s the ability to get away from the noise for a few minutes a day. No matter what quirky components a client envisages, we will work hard to include them in our design to ensure the space is as unique and exceptional as they are

Find out what extraordinary designs we’ve incorporated in the clients’ interiors, view our portfolio.

Where can I find an Office Designer?

Based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, Giant Leap is available to consult on design projects both in South Africa and across the world. From London to Mozambique, we are the office designers you want to talk to if you need to create an inspired, contemporary place of work for your employees to thrive in.

Since 2011, Giant Leap has put people at the forefront of what we do. Creating compelling interiors that, more than anything, enhance the wellbeing of everyone who works in them. By making people feel valued, you are able to assist them to do their best work. By creating a workspace in which they can feel uplifted and productive, you’ll enable them to reach their full potential and more.

Giant Leap is a proudly South Africa, black woman owned company, that specialises in designing spaces that inspire. We design and build corporate interiors locally and internationally that inspire efficient and innovative work.

People are at the heart of everything we do; everything we design.

Giant Leap, welcome to a better place.