Office Interior Refurbishment

Taking on an office interior refurbishment can be daunting. Transforming your current space and turning it into a new and improved office can be uncomfortable for some businesses as it requires a deep look into what’s not working. At Giant Leap we understand that the first step in any office refurbishment project can be scary but by choosing a partner, like us, who focusses on creating inspired and inspiring work spaces, the result will be a more productive space which will enable your workforce to be their best selves.

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How to refurbish an office interior?

Completing a commercial fit out or refurb can take on many shapes. Each business is unique and the leaders of the company will have their own ideas about what they want to achieve from a complete refurbishment. There are also other factors to consider during the consultation and planning phase which includes:

  • Expectations
  • Space available
  • Time
  • Budget

As the Giant Leap team, once we have a clear understanding of why the company wants to take on their office makeover, what they want to achieve from the end results, and the basics like space, timelines and budget, we can then begin to create a beautiful plan as to what the refurb will look like.

What to consider when refurbishing an office interior?

When our clients call us looking for interior fit out contractors they can trust, we let them know that they’ve come to the right place. We take our role as one of the leading office refurbishment companies in South Africa seriously and we’re proud to say that all our designs, plans and final products are geared toward making the lives of people that much better.

When it comes to what to consider when refurbishing interiors for an office or any other corporate space, there are a few key things think about before the refurb begins;

Why do you want to do a refurb?

Why do you want to revamp your office interiors? Are you struggling with staff productivity and motivation and hoping that an improved workspace will help them tap into their energy source and creativity? Are you wanting to create a better first impression for clients and customers that visit your offices?

No matter if there is one reason or a host of reasons, it is important to be clear on what is the driving force behind the renovation so that the entire team can have the same expectations.

What is working in your current space and what isn’t?

If something is working within in a space, use it. If your employees really enjoy your open plan kitchen and dining area, then it is a good idea to incorporate the same concept in the new office plan. If your employees hate the small, dark printer room, this is something to definitely change for the new look space.

What do you want the final product to look like, feel like and exude to others?

What emotions and feeling do you want your renovated space to convey? Do you want it to give an impression of formal, contemporary chic or do you want it to give a casual, relaxed and new-age impression? Do you want your company colours to be prominent or do you want a neutral palette to be introduced with hints of your brand colour here and there?

When it comes to in internal impression, what do you envisage your new offices making your employees feel like? What do you want to convey to your employees through the new workspace to enable them to be more productive and to feel more valued?

Do you have a time scale and budget in mind?

Very important to discuss is your idea of time for the project. Do you have restrictions on when the project needs to be ready by? Is the deadline of the new look meant to coincide with a launch of a new project or office branch?

Budget is also a good indicator to start with. A ball park figure of what you can afford for the new renovation will help your interior design company tailor-make your refurb exactly to your needs.

We have done some amazing interior transformations of clients in a variety of sectors both locally and globally. Take a look at our portfolio to view some now.

Giant Leap, making workplaces across the globe, better?

We believe that when you treat people well, you bring out the best in them. This means creating inspired workspaces that people love. We are at the forefront of South African workspace design and we have helped to transform many SA businesses and their productivity levels too. Internationally, we are proud to have recently completed Mary Oppenheimer and Daughters work space renovation in the Isle of Man, United Kingdom too.

People are at the heart of everything we do; everything we design.

Giant Leap, welcome to a better place.