Office Space Planning

Giant Leap are one of the leading interior design companies that office space planning and design services to companies across South Africa and abroad. We offer customised office layout plans that allow your employees to feel well, inspired and utterly productive.

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What is office space planning?

Careful planning and organising of furniture and functions within a corporate space is called office space planning. It is about subtly bringing elements of design like colour, furnishings, finishes and materials together with functional elements like work flow, processes and equipment effortlessly to create working environments that promote comfort and creativity.

Why is office space planning important?

Every business would like to become more efficient at what they do. For business leaders that often mean trimming the fat and cutting down on expenditure to improve their bottom lines. If you take a step back and look at your company holistically, it becomes obvious that yes, functionality and expenditure are key, but the real heart of your business is its people. By helping your people to enhance their productivity, you’ll enhance your profits. But how do you get your people to be more productive? It’s called, modern office space planning.

Space planning for offices entails transforming a workspace through innovative designs, excellent use of furnishings, and maximising on space, to create a workplace that employees want to come to every day.

Here’s why space planning is so important:

Employee Wellness

Employee satisfaction or wellness is directly impacted when company’s use partners like Giant Leap to create thoughtful space planning. If a space is more efficient, employees will be more productive and that’s the bottom line. By enlisting office space planning services by professionals like Giant Leap, company’s will be investing directly in their people’s wellbeing and they will see a difference in their bottom lines as a result.

Enhancing Functionality

By revamping an older office space, you can take a lot of unused or wasted space and turn it into functional, working areas which in turn will generate more creativity from your staff and thus more productivity, Think of a large, dark, unused space in your current workplace and envisage it being turned into a collaborative room, or café for meetings, or storage space for documents. Spacial planning can directly enhance the functionality of your business.

Improving the Environment

A great office plan for a 21st century office, will incorporate ways to save the environment too. From paperless offices to solar-lit rooms, the sky is the limit when creating an eco-friendly office of the future. By re-inventing or revamping your office space with the help of specialists like Giant Leap, you can make a significant leap in the eco-efficiency of your space and thus to the environment around you.

Here is a view of our portfolio where you will be able to see our space expertise in vivid colour.

Who We Are?

Thanks to the vision of our leadership, every one of the Giant Leap team is dedicated to creating designs that help improve people’s lives. We believe that if a company puts its people first, its people will create magic for them.

Since 2011, we have been creating inspired interiors that take people on a journey every time they walk into them. Modern offices and contemporary environments that enhance ethos of every brand and allow their employees to feel more inspired then every before, are what we do best.

People are at the heart of everything we do; everything we design.

Giant Leap, welcome to a better place.