Office Space Utilisation

Office space utilisation is not simply about adding more desks and cubicles when you need it, it’s about analysing your space and looking at how it can be best used to maximise functionality without compromising on comfort.

At Giant Leap, we consult on office utilisation to clients both locally and internationally. We help you reinvent the space you have into an efficient, flexible environment where employees can be more creative and productive then ever before. We design offices that take away unused areas and cumbersome rooms, and turn them into useable spaces that promote a healthy, innovative workspace.

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What is office space utilisation?

Corporate office space utilisation is the process of taking a business’s current floor plan and reinvent it. Taking into account what their employee’s want and need from a space including concepts like flexible hot desks, pause areas, quiet pods, brainstorm rooms and much more. It is a specialised process of re-creating the plan to incorporate areas and functional spaces that will enhance every single step in the businesses work flow.

From unforgettable reception areas, to sound-proof meeting cubicles, the sky is the limit when it comes to how to maximise office space. Key elements to an excellent office space utilisation plan are:

  • Understanding what the business does. What do they produce/offer and how can an improved floor plan enhance their service?
  • What do the employees need most from a revamped office to enhance their creativity and, most importantly, their output?
  • What design elements like lighting, décor, noise levels, space and flow would work well for the business and what wouldn’t?

How do I maximise office space?

If you’re wanting to do a DIY office space clean up in order to maximise on the room you have, here at Giant Leap, we’ve put together a few tips you can do right now to help. A few simple ideas to get your work area or flexible office space ready to rock, and have you being more efficient and inspired than ever.

Tip #1 – A Clean Slate

Take out everything from your work area or office, and we mean everything. You have to look at a completely blank canvas in order to know what you’re working with and how best to improve it. Once everything is out, create a floor plan of what the space looks like.

Tip #2 – Plan First

Before rushing in and putting up shelving or changing the direction of your desk, create a floor plan first. Your initial ideas for the space may not work and will need to be revised, this is ok and its exactly what planning is all about. Once you’ve settled on the right flow and plan for the space, it’s time to decorate.

Tip #3 – Maximise Space Usage

Do you often work away from your office desk or from home? Why not consider making your desk a flexible hot desk? Enabling more than one person to work at a desk at different times is an excellent way to maximise on efficiency without having to create additional desks. You wouldn’t put personal pictures or paintings up around your desk in this case, but would rather keep it neutral and neat in order for everyone to feel comfortable and productive in the space.

Tip #4 – Ask a Professional

If your office revamp is a much bigger task then simply updating a desk area, it’s advisable to rather get the help of an office space utilisation manager or a firm like Giant Leap. Someone with a specialised skill in interior design and spacial planning will be able to put the wow-factor into your corporate area, taking it into the 21st century with a bang.

Take a look at the space utilisation improvements we’ve done for some of our biggest and best clients. View our portfolio.

Creating a better tomorrow with Giant Leap?

We pride ourselves on creating innovative, exceptional designs for businesses across every sector. We believe in the ethos that if you treat people well, they will do their best work for you. Treating people well, starts with creating offices and corporate spaces in which they can flourish and can feel utterly motivated.

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