Open Plan Offices

From cutting-edge open plan office furniture to selecting the best hue of paint to create a calming environment, our process of open plan office design is simply unforgettable. We create state-of-the-art open plan offices that incorporate forward-thinking design with a detailed knowledge of your business in order to improve the collaboration, interaction and innovation of your people.

We draw on our years of experience in the interior design field to re-invent office spaces that include open concept office furniture, décor and technology and some of the finest materials available.

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What is an open plan office?

When it comes to design and architecture, the term open plan is used to describe floor plans that use large open spaces in their design instead of small, enclosed rooms or cubicles. In the corporate world, open plan working became popular after the fall of the artificially lit, cubicle style offices of the past. These kinds of working environments made people feel caged in, forgotten and unable to connect and communicate freely with colleagues.

There is a fine line between well-designed open plan working and free-range chaos though, If an area is incredibly open with no account taken for noise levels and distractions, it can prove to be an unproductive and stressful environment for employees.

Why are open plan offices good?

At Giant Leap, we understand that open space office design, combines nuances of light, design and décor to create collaborative spaces that don’t overwhelm the senses. Flexible and comfortable, open plan working is about giving employees the option to work in an open area as well as take time out in quieter, more enclosed areas too.

The positives to open plan offices include;

They Keep Employees Active

It’s been proven that open space working has an impact on the physical activity levels of employees for the better. People that work in cubicle style offices or enclosed rooms, tend not to get up and leave that space for hours on end whereas open plan working promotes movement and conversation, thus helping people move more during a work day.

They Give Employees the Choice

Thoughtful planning and design, like what can be expected from the Giant Leap team, allows for differing spaces in one office setting which includes options like desk areas, chill zones, meeting rooms, quiet pods, and cafes. By giving employees options of spaces to work in, you give the responsibility of choosing their best space to work in on any given day. They will feel empowered and be able to become more productive as such.

Take a look at how we have weaved design and functionality effortlessly together in these office space deigns now. View our portfolio here.

The Giant Leap Team

Whatever your business, we’re pretty sure that you want to create spaces that inspire people. From clients that walk through the doors to employees that spend all day at work, dare to let your office space create an inspiration first impression.

As a black woman owned company, in business since 2011, we are passionate about designing superior interiors that allow people to journey through them with ease. Our passion is people and we create designs with a focus on excellence in delivery, finish, material and technology.

At Giant Leap, we are driven by a simple idea that if you treat people well, you bring out the very best in them. This has been the driving force behind our success over the years. It manifests itself in everything we do and design.

People are at the heart of everything we do; everything we design.

Giant Leap, welcome to a better place.