Giant Leap design and build corporate interiors locally and internationally that inspire efficient and innovative work.

What we do

What every successful company needs to know

The stirring issue is that poor workspaces are preventing people and business progressing.

Work is not working.
It is time we took a stand and understood the importance of a workspace on the bottomline and the effect of well being on our people!

Always bringing out the best in your people.

Interiors that boost awareness of your company values and allow people to experience your brand from inside, out. Always bringing out the best in your people.

As a black woman owned company, Giant Leap believe a workspace designed to enable everybody to work well, can bring out the very best in each individual and demonstrate how passionate a company is about caring for it’s people.

Restoring the environment is important to Giant Leap, and that’s why part of our expertise includes all aspects of the green workspace.

Green workspace

Giant Leap are able to provide an Interiors Green rating for our clients, where required.

Social responsibility

Giant Leap support local initiatives to support job creation and education as much as possible. We believe, in training, skilling up and developing local businesses.

Environmental responsibility

Giant Leap source the most environmentally friendly product available at the best possible prices. We pride ourselves in the use of VOC free factories and looking after our planet.