Millennials - Workplace design

A recent survey entitled What Millennials Want From the Workplace has revealed that workplace design and flexible working are top priorities.

Linda Trim, Director at workplace design specialists Giant Leap, said: “Even as Generation Z enters the workplace, designers concerned with the war for talent will continue to make efforts to accommodate the preferences of millennials – the generation born between 1981-1997 – because they are set to represent 75 percent of the workplace by 2025.”

The research was conducted by PWC, Colliers International, CBRE, Deka Immobilien GmbH and HLW International and it challenged some of the stereotypes about the working preferences of millennials – but also examined what really attracts and retains this generation.

Said Trim:” The survey focused on two areas – workplace and employer – and covered topics such as design, flexible working, workspace, wellness, loyalty, work/life balance and culture.”

Key findings from What Millennials Want From the Workplace:

• The single most important thing to millennials when it comes to the workplace is design, followed by the work itself, location, and then colleagues
98 percent consider that culture is an important component of their workplace
95 percent believe that flexible working is important to their workplace experience
81 percent consider that workplace design has a moderate or high impact on day-to-day productivity, with 86 percent stating that well-designed common areas are very important
87 percent felt wellness was important, while 80 percent of millennials now demand healthy food options in the workplace
75 percent felt that they had a good work/life balance, with 72 percent considering that their employer supported this balance
• Millennials are loyal, with 74 percent intending to stay with their current employer for three or more years, a finding that goes against the stereotype of this “job-hopping” generation
• Talent retention is also a key factor, with 87 percent wanting employers to be more transparent about growth prospects

“The results are really telling,” Trim added, “and a wake-up call. The way people work and what is expected of an office is changing so quickly. Businesses need to adapt to attract and retain the best talent and ensure their people are happy and productive.”

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